June Portfolio Summary
June was an interesting month. Mr. Market continued its downward trend, and we ended up with the worst 1st half of the year in 50 years. If you are still here and investing, congratulations for weathering, hopefully, the worst storm of our lifetimes.

Personally, I had a pretty decent month. I collected a decent amount of dividends, restarted contributions to my Taxable account and was able to make some buys.

Let's get into it:

Not much to note in my Overall Top 10. This is the combination of both my Taxable and Roth IRA. All positions stayed the same as May, with some slight shifting in positions. Only percentage change was $VEA going from 7% at the end of May to 6% today. I will break down individual portfolios below.

Taxable Portfolio
% Change (vs S&P): -6.56% (+1.83%)
Contributions: $60
Dividends: $76.72 (+147% over June '21)
Buys: 1 share of $ABBV at $140.97 on 6/13
Dividend Reinvestments: 0.0278 shares of $CNA, 0.0279 shares of $DD, 0.0063 shares of $RTX, 0.0347 shares of $XLE, 0.0195 shares of $SCHD, 0.0392 shares of $VDE
Sells: None
Cash: 2.03%

Top 5 Positions:
  1. $CMA - 13%
  2. $VTI - 12%
  3. $VEA - 7%
  4. $PFE - 5%
  5. $VWO - 5%

Historic Trend:

Roth IRA
% Change (vs S&P): -17.19% (-8.8%)
Contributions: $0
Dividends: $30.23 (-4% over June '21)
Buys: None
Dividend Reinvestments: 0.0154 shares of $EMB, 0.0043 shares of $HSY, 0.0054 shares of $DD
Sells: None
Cash: 1.92%

Top 5 Positions:
  1. $VTI - 12%
  2. $VNQ- 12%
  3. $VIG - 9%
  4. $SBUX - 9%
  5. $HD - 7%

Historic Trend:

I am happy to have weathered this storm and continuing to be able to contribute and buy great companies.

I am a little concerned about performance of my Roth IRA, but keep the goal of the portfolio in the back of my mind - build a portfolio for dividend income for retirement. Seeing as I still have nearly 30 years (within 11 days) until I hit 59 1/2 & the penalty-free withdrawal age, I am not too concerned.

I am going to continue to stay the course and execute my plan. Hopefully Mr. Market will feel better with the summer sun and start turning this thing around!

Thanks for following along and I would love to hear any of your thoughts and questions in the comments!
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Dividend Forecast - Week of 6/20
Below are my incoming dividends for this week, and how I plan to utilize them:
$MCD - $1.38 per share, $2.80 total, cash
$RVT - $0.35 per share, $2.80 total, cash
$XLE - $0.70 per share, $2.15 total, reinvesting
$VWO - $0.34 per share, $6.82 total, cash
$VEA - $0.37 per share, $10.63 total, cash
$VIG - $0.71 per share, $2.13 total, cash
Total - $27.33
Roth IRA
$VIG - $0.71 per share, $3.55 total, cash
$VWO - $0.34 per share, $4.09 total, cash
$VEA - $0.37 per share, $4.03 total, cash
Total - $11.67
Data is from Track Your Dividends
Do you have any dividends coming in this week?
The Nasdaq was at 6,400 before the pandemic. It then fell to 4,400.

2 years later, it was at 12,400. Those that saw the 6,400 high couldn't imagine the Nasdaq would DOUBLE in 2 years. Key word 'imagine'.

As long as the trend is up, you don't fight the trend. Just like those that couldn't imagine Nasdaq at 12,400, they probably can't imagine Brent crude at 200 bucks or $XLE at 150 dollars.

Oil is in a bullish rectangle and it should break out in the next 2-3 weeks.
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Venezuela and Iran to the rescue?
The energy crisis continues to worsen as each day goes by. $XLE hit a new 52-week high recently and oil companies are profiting like never before. With that, there's the possibility that the US will let Iran and Venezuela add more oil to the world market by reducing sanctions.

Both Iran and Venezuela are allied with Russia, but they both desperately need an opportunity to make money by exporting oil to balance out their fiscal budgets. With that, I have a question for the Commonstock community:
Will Iran and Venezuela flood the oil markets with supply/
16 VotesPoll ended on: 06/09/22
Great job Brandon. Why don’t we increase domestic production? Am I missing something? 🤷🏻‍♂️
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Retail Mania Still En-route For Energy? $XLE
Interesting tweet, it looks like retail volumes are coming out of tech $QQQ $XLK but they still haven't gone into energy? $XLE https://twitter.com/Mayhem4Markets/status/1533371055502508033

Could we be seeing a massive climax run in energy after the mid-terms?
Rotation or New Bull Market? $XLE
Is energy just going through a rotational move or is this the start of a real bull market that can last years?

Worst performing sector in the last decade. Only up 6% in 10 years between 2010-2020.

What are your thoughts? $XLE
How high can $XLE $XME go?
I always find it interesting when people say 'it's already at ATH, how higher can it go?' - the answer is, a lot higher if the market has demand for it.

Back in March 2020, consider someone bought $QQQ at $190 and sold it when it hit $280. They would have made about 47% in 4 months. $QQQ went on to go to $407, which could have been a return 114% instead. Likewise, the $SPY rally has continued far higher than anticipated.

Listen to the market, listen to the charts.
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