A lot of prices have dropped this week. I know we shouldn’t attach our emotions to the stock market or any stock. But when I see prices get lower and lower it makes me excited. I sold out of some stocks a week or two ago, cause I had a feeling something like this was going to happen. With an almost 30% cash position is great. I have not bought anything yet but I am keeping my eye out. Some companies I am watching are $SQ $SHOP $TSLA. What are you watching or have bought recently?
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I routinely buy index funds each week, so it takes the 'skill' of timing out of the task :)
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Nibbled some $TWTR just being patient for everything else
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@investmenttalk That’s great! How do you feel about jack stepping away?
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Honestly, indifferent. I had suspected it would happen sometime in the next 3Y to 5Y, so its all good.
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The emotional response you're having sounds like one you've cultivated as an investor. We're only human, @investingforyou, and if your emotions aren't a source of distress and are giving you real information/feedback on some situation or events then no reason to "should yourself" over feeling this way about stocks right now! $SQ and $SHOP looking good to me here, as well.
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@tomato $AMPL and $ESTC



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