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$98.3m follower assets
Around 5% of my investments are in gaming stocks.

Not a game development company but rather a game development platform, and ads and monetization paltforms.

$IS, $U, $APP
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Very interesting, gaming is a hard one to predict on the distribution end, but looks like you have set your self up well for the next decade
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Thanks man! Since, none of my investments make game on their one (although $IS and $APP have publishing arm, their core business is ads and monetization) I don't think distribution will be the real challenge. Let's see how it goes 🤞🏾
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$U is nice since you don't have to bet on which specific games/IP will outperform long-run. Also some shots at using the 3D rendering for applications like e-commerce, architecture, and video animation.
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Yeah, that's why I like to invest in platforms.



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