April 2022 Bloodbath - Names Down >30% Since April 1
April 2022 was one of the worst market months of all time. In fact, it was the worst since October 2008. Here are 100 stocks down >30% since April 1:

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Beaten-down 2021 IPOs
I love avoiding new initial public offerings for their first couple of earnings reports as a publicly-traded company -- but even more so, I love revisiting them after this 6-12 months.

Life as a newly public company is rough as expectations from analysts are wonky, and management is adjusting to a new lifestyle of increased scrutiny.

With this in mind, here's a list of 2021 IPOs I'm watching that have traded down since going public.

$RSKD Riskified -74% | $PATH UiPath -67% | $COOK Traeger -66% | $BIRD Allbirds -65% | $MQ Marqueta -64% | $CPNG Coupang -62% | $OLO Olo -56% | $COIN Coinbase -53% | $APP Applovin -51% | $EXFY Expensify -44% | $USER UserTesting -42% | $BMBL Bumble -42% | $WRBY Warby Parker -40% | $AFRM Affirm -39% | $WEBR Weber -37% | $NU Nu -31%| $RBLX Roblox -30% | $SEMR SEMrush -27% | $FIGS FIGS -27% | $MNDY Monday -13% | $DOCN DigitalOcean -11% | $CFLT Confluent -8% | $GLBE Global-e Online -6% |

Curious to hear what you all may like the most from these?

Out of this list, four are part of my Core 34 group of holdings that I aim to add to the most here in 2022.

Have a good weekend, friendly humans.
With of the four from my core 34 do you like the most?
10%Global-e Online
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Why I invested in Applovin
AppLovin ($APP), is a mobile technology company primarily focused on ad tech and games - basically a marketing platform. I have been exposed to AppLovin via its mediation and Lion Studios - its game publishing branch.
The reason I bought the stock was for:
  1. Strong numbers
  2. Fueling growth
  3. Growing segment
  4. First party data
  5. And, strong team
I have discussed about it more in detail in my latest substack, feel free to have a go at it:
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I sold all of $IS in 50% loss
On March 11th, I sold all of my $IS stock in my ROTH IRA to buy $U.

I have worked with $IS and $U as mediation partners, publishing partners and as external developer. Both of them have different unique features.

I love $U for its non-digital ads aspect, although it's getting better with adTech. $IS has a really stable product in terms of mediation.

So, why did I sell $IS in 50% loss?
Sometimes you exit out of a position to enter into an investment with better opportunity. Although, $IS was a good company down due to external factors, I think $U at $84 was quite a bargain. I also have a higher conviction on $U's success than in $IS. For that matter, I am more bullish on $APP than on $IS in adTech as well. So, I decided to take a loss in $IS and add more of $U.

In future, if I find $U in more lucrative valuation I might sell $APP to add more of $IS.
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Advertising Oligopoly in the making! - $APP
This is massive!

AppLovin - $APP, The Trade Desk - $TTD Collaborating to Provide Mobile In-app Ad Exchange to Advertisers.

AppLovin is adding its mobile in-app ad exchange, AppLovin Exchange, to The Trade Desk's platform as part of their collaboration.

The integration will give agencies and advertisers direct access to all app publisher advertising inventory, the mobile technology company said. It will also allow them to add AppLovin Exchange to campaigns within The Trade Desk.
I bought a bank ๐Ÿฆ
Background ๐Ÿ˜ถโ€๐ŸŒซ๏ธ:
I have a strong income generating dividend growth portfolio with mix of ETFs, and individual stocks which yields at around 5% with dividend CAGR at around 11%. I also have 6.2% of $U (the only stock that doesn't give dividend in the dividend portfolio). This has enabled me to be financially free for a while now. I generate around $1,529.32 per month on average (which is a lot on Nepal). Apart from this, I also generate money from my games. So, I have been generating decent cashflow. The cashflow has enabled me to travel to Turkey, and buy bunch of $U apart from covering my all of the costs.

Apart from my dividend portfolio I have a heavily concentrated growth portfolio of $U and $APP in my ROTH IRA. I also have another heavily concentrated growth + cashflow portfolio $U + $QYLD which re-invests $QYLD 's dividends to $U each month. Apart from it I also have a fund for my friends and family so I can hopefully help them to be financially free ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿพ.

A story from past โช:
I was in Bulgaria, trying to get a degree in Economics and running a game studio in Nepal. I wasn't working (mostly because of language barrier). It's fair to say, without parents support, I was struggling with finances and game studio was burning money. Here come two of my friends from my childhood to help me out. They were not making the banks, they were struggling as international students in the USA, one used to work as a janitor ๐Ÿงน and another used to work at gas station โ›ฝ๏ธ to earn for tuition, and rents. Despite having themselves they believed in my passion towards games and used to fund my game studio.

To the near-past ๐Ÿ˜ณ:The game studio did well, we made a global hit, made bunch of money, and it enabled me to be financially free, have a growth portfolio, help friends and family... so what was next for me?

๐Ÿš— ๐Ÿš— ๐Ÿš—
I want to be what my friends were to me during my startup days. I wanted to be an angle investor and invest in bunch of startups. I first started with a vehicle renting company in Pakistan called HumVie.

๐ŸŽฎ ๐ŸŽฎ ๐ŸŽฎ
Later few of my friends in Bulgaria wanted my help in their edu games pursuit, so I firstly offered my service as an advisor and when they needed money, I invested in the company. HMK has since raised more money at a valuation of $250k and the product is looking strong.

Present ๐ŸŽ:
So, today I have the biggest news of all. I am incredibly happy to announce that I have invested in a bank ๐Ÿฆ - Crescent Financial Inc. Technically it's not a bank, it's a financial tech company that offers users 100x. It offers 6% APY. The best thing, it doesn't have any hidden fees which is prevalent in its competitors. It is a great company led by Grant and with a sound tech team. I am really excited about the project.

If you want to check the project out: https://www.crescent.app/
We don't have hidden fees on waitlist as well ๐Ÿ˜ https://bit.ly/3fGdq1x

Whats next ๐Ÿ”ฎ:
I am planning to invest in 50 startups in next five years. I hope to invest more in Nepal and Asia, but will be open to any opportunity. I hope of of them works...

(There are two investments that are unannounced, will be announcing soon... hopefully this month.)
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Exited out of $IS and bought more $U
I took a loss on $IS to buy more of $U and here are the reasons:

$IS has more matured mediation platform than $APP and $U. However, $APP - has more diverse game company portfolio (IS is focused on hypercasual as of now), with the acquisition of MoPub and MAX they have good chance to be the leaders in mediation and $U is the first choice for interactive content creators. Although new mediation platform, it seems promising. Off all three companies, I have higher level of confidence in $U. So, I sold $IS to buy $U.
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