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$PINS reports after-hours today. $ETSY reported hearing earnings and is up ~15% today.

If you look at the two stocks performance around earnings, they tend to be fairly correlated.

In this case, $PINS is battling against the tide of social companies that have been reporting worse than expected earnings and its tendency to track with $ETSY post earnings.

Something’s got to give!🤞🏼
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I happen to own both stocks, @iangray, and it looks like you may be on to something! ;) With $ETSY up 13% today, it looks like $PINS is also up (though not by nearly as much!) after hours: +4%. In the case of $PINS, I was really happy to see that they appear to be monetizing users better though I wonder if there's anything about the company itself that's led $MSFT—and now $PYPL—to cancel their deals.
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@tomato I could just be viewing it through rose-colored glasses, but I’d like to believe that $PINS turned down $MSFT and $PYPL



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