Portfolio changes - update 5
I sold my starter position in $AMZN because:

  • I'm no big fan of Jassy's leadership
  • I don't really care about the e-commerce side too much and so really when I put things side by side, I care about Gaming, Ads, Streaming, Subscriptions, Cloud Computing

When you think about it, $MSFT has all of that with way better leadership (IMO), consistently beating expectations, not so vulnerable to macro environment and way better optimized for cash flows and profits, so instead I'll likely add to my $MSFT position there.

I sold $ETSY too, since there's positions which I have a higher conviction in, in my Gig Economy allocation, for example $FVRR.

I initiated a position in $QCOM, as planned since several weeks ago when I made a post about it.
Fair point. But I feel if you want more pure exposure to cloud computing, the way to get it is more via $AMZN than $MSFT. Also, $MSFT is quite highly valued in this environment and is already cost optimized to the perfect operating margin; $ AMZN has so much room to optimize the cost side so that the real profitability starts to show. But both companies will IMO still be great compounders in the coming years.
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Way Out Wednesday
14 stock positions increased/added.

Additional investments into my Stash Portfolio (5)

$ATVI - $94.22 consensus price target. Continuing to add more for the $MSFT buyout arbitrage play.

$MMM - $158.88 consensus price target. DCA down from previous buys. Increasing a 'core' position.

$ETSY - $156.42 consensus price target. DCA down from previous buys. Not a 'core' position so will consider flipping for a profit when the market recovers.

$PINS - $31.45 consensus price target. DCA down from previous buys. Not a 'core' position so will flip for a profit when the market recovers.

$ZG - $53.69 consensus price target. DCA down from previous buys. Not a 'core' position so will flip for a profit when the market recovers.

Additional investments into my M1 Finance "Fat Cat Investing" portfolio (9)

The 'Fat Cat Investing' portfolio is down 0.56% today and 5.20% overall since inception - a part of my ongoing "Real Estate Rumble".
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True, but you know, goals 😂
I could just as easily list each stocks 52 week high, but that figure too could be years away, given the current situation it’s all a crapshoot.

Or my profit/loss on that position but I’m not sure how helpful that would be.

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E-Commerce Sell-off
Right now the total market capitalization for $MELI, $SE, $CPNG, $SHOP, $ETSY and $GLBE is about $135 billion.

These are the dominant forces in their respective geographies and niches.

Furthermore, depending on the valuation you'd like to give to $AMZN's AWS segment, its e-commerce operations look very cheap now (if not damn near free).

Now compare this $135B and whatever Amazon's e-commerce operations are worth with global retail e-commerce figures expected to reach $7 trillion by 2025.

This is an apples to oranges comparison, and many other companies are involved -- but this difference feels too large not to at least acknowledge.

One year ago, Sea was worth $180 billion alone.

Now, this whole group is $135 billion.

The risk/reward has become fascinating across these stocks -- Amazon included.

And all of this comes with no mention of each company's optionality -- most of which are still relatively nascent.

Call me a sucker for roughed-up growth stocks, but I will gladly keep adding.
Of these seven stocks, how many will be multibaggers by 2030?
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I’m not a fan of Etsy because as many times as I’ve shopped there, I’ve never once purchased anything. Not sure how they can outcompete anyone. EBay gets my money every time, the Etsy sellers had limitations on payment (only PayPal), higher prices, shipping costs, etc. Mot familiar with $CPNG or $GLBE but even as a value investor have been looking at the other 4 mentioned.
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Portfolio changes - update 3
As you well know by now, I'm a huge proponent of transparency. And despite me sharing my portfolio publicly here which gets updated like every 1-2 days, I want to make sure I can tell you what I'm doing as close to real-time as I can. So here we go, shall we?

I put my money where my mouth is, which are my high conviction bets.

There's a few companies I'm still thinking about for various reasons, such as $ETSY $ADSK $TWLO and $PINS. I'll let you know about them when done with my thinking.

Stay strong! Have a great day!
April 2022 Bloodbath - Names Down >30% Since April 1
April 2022 was one of the worst market months of all time. In fact, it was the worst since October 2008. Here are 100 stocks down >30% since April 1:

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Bad Day for the Markets, Good Day for Buying
I never have been, and probably never will, be a market-timer.

However, when new money makes it to my investment accounts at the same time as yet another market drop, it is a beautiful thing.

Added to $SHOP, $ETSY, and $U for myself today and started a position in $SE for my daughter.

Maybe I'm irrationally optimistic, but I can't help but think that this tech-focused sell-off can't last much longer -- simply because I am not lucky enough to be able to add to these great businesses at such tempting prices for an extended time.

Selfishly, I kind of hope that I am wrong.
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$ETSY - breakdown from acquisitions
Do we have breakdowns from the last 2 buys $ETSY made? How are they growing? I need to read the latest Etsy release…any insights would be helpful. It’s a laggard in my portfolio!

Thanks in advance!
I am writing something on Etsy earnings, so will share that here when it's done.

Not read the full report for Q1 yet, but at the end of last Q, it was still Etsy marketplace pulling most of the weight (~93% of GMS), whilst Depop and Elo7 suffered, and Reverb did 'okay'.
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