2 Years Later - Where are they Now?
I started actively managing my Taxable account in March of 2020. In my spreadsheet, I track my initial purchase dates for each holding. As I have mentioned many times before, I went diversi-crazy when I first started out. Since I was routinely adding new positions, I have a number of holdings that are coming up on purchase date anniversaries.

I initiated positions in two companies on 5/8/2020 - $PG and $RTX. Here is how the Market and these holdings have performed in the last two trips around the sun:

S&P 500 on 5/8/2020: $2,929.80
S&P 500 Today: $4,123.34
S&P 500 Change: +40.7%

$PG on 5/8/2020: $115.95
$PG Today: $156.00
$PG Change: +34.5%
$PG vs S&P: -6.2%

$RTX on 5/8/2020: $58.67
$RTX Today: $95.30
$RTX Change: +62.4%
$RTX vs S&P: +21.7%

Overall Basket vs S&P: +15.5% - not too shabby. Below is normalized growth of $RTX, $PG and $SPX from Koyfin.

A little pick me up in the recent sea of red!

Happy Sunday!
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That’s what drove me to start looking for ways to track my investments across platforms. First few years of learning there was a lot of trading and not a lot of profits, but as I honed skills and realized what info was important and what 98% is BS info I could toss out, returns have turned around quite a bit. Can’t wait to be 2 years down the road and have a better investing journal.