2 Years Later - Where are they Now?
I started actively managing my Taxable account in March of 2020. In my spreadsheet, I track my initial purchase dates for each holding. As I have mentioned many times before, I went diversi-crazy when I first started out. Since I was routinely adding new positions, I have a number of holdings that are coming up on purchase date anniversaries.

I initiated positions in two companies on 5/8/2020 - $PG and $RTX. Here is how the Market and these holdings have performed in the last two trips around the sun:

S&P 500 on 5/8/2020: $2,929.80
S&P 500 Today: $4,123.34
S&P 500 Change: +40.7%

$PG on 5/8/2020: $115.95
$PG Today: $156.00
$PG Change: +34.5%
$PG vs S&P: -6.2%

$RTX on 5/8/2020: $58.67
$RTX Today: $95.30
$RTX Change: +62.4%
$RTX vs S&P: +21.7%

Overall Basket vs S&P: +15.5% - not too shabby. Below is normalized growth of $RTX, $PG and $SPX from Koyfin.

A little pick me up in the recent sea of red!

Happy Sunday!
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That’s what drove me to start looking for ways to track my investments across platforms. First few years of learning there was a lot of trading and not a lot of profits, but as I honed skills and realized what info was important and what 98% is BS info I could toss out, returns have turned around quite a bit. Can’t wait to be 2 years down the road and have a better investing journal.
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Today's Trading Plan 5/6: $SPX
The past 2 days have seen more than 10 of the biggest swings in the past 50 years. And today NFP will be released at 8:30, which will cause great volatility. Today's support levels 4124-4112 need to hold by the bulls to replay 4150-4175. Losing 4112 will see 4050-4000.
Now 4131
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Today's Trading Plan 5/5: $SPX
After yesterday's big trend move, expect some correction today. The core support levels 4249-4235 need to be held by the bulls to replay 4275-4290+. Losing 4235 will see 4202.
Now 4257
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Buyback growth might support weak equity demand
This week, most firms will have exited their blackout windows. As a result, the market expects that $SPY buybacks will grow by ~10% YoY in 2022 and remain the largest source of demand for US equities.

Solid earnings growth (+5%) and large cash balances among S&P 500 firms will support continued buyback growth. In addition, management has indicated a desire to return excess cash to shareholders in the form of repurchases

Buyback authorizations, a signal for subsequent executions, totaled $1.2 trillion in 2021 and have surpassed $400 billion YTD, 22% above the record pace last year.

For instance, $AAPL and $GOOGL authorized $90 billion and $70 billion in buybacks. Tech and CommServices accounted for 43% of $SPX repurchases in 2021 and will probably account for +50% in 2022.

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Today's Trading Plan 2/5: $SPX
FOMC week, expect strong volatility.
Multi-month 4200 support lost, severe sell-off, support levels today 4100-4075 bulls need to hold to replay 4130-4150+. Losing 4075 would likely result in a 3900 drive downhill.
Now 4117
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Verify for yourself
I don't fundamentally disagree with what Leandro @invesquotes has posted below. In almost all cases with an index it's probably the best bet rather than trying to chop and change. Especially if you are a passive long term investor.

Everyone has to decide what they want to do. Ultimately I think the $SPX may not be the best example because history has shown that it goes up eventually and goes up more than it goes down.

Many of us are invested in individual companies so this theory does not necessarily hold true. In fact many companies top out eventually and get disrupted, only a handful stand the test of time.

For some thought here is another stat:

The following chart shows the performance of the S&P 500 Index from 1998-2019 utilizing 3 Different Scenarios:
Buy and Hold: $1,000,000 invested into the S&P 500 in 1998, grows to $5,045,782 in 2020.

Missing the 10 Best Days in the Market: If you invested $1,000,000 into the S&P 500 in 1998, but MISSED the 10 BEST performance days, twenty years later your investment had grown to $2,518,154

Missing the 10 Worst Days in the Market: If you invested $1,000,000 into the S&P 500 in 1998, but AVOIDED the 10 worst performance days, twenty years later your investment had grown to $10,721,11

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Agreed with your take, but to enjoy the best 10 days you basically don’t have to do anything (stay invested). On the contrary, to avoid the 10 worst days you have to time them which is the difficult part imho!

Agree though this works with indexes, was just an example of market timing vs time in the market!
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Trading plan for today 4/14: $ SPX
My upside target in $SPX yesterday was 4430 and has reached the high target of 4445. Key support levels for today 4424-4410 need to hold by bulls to play 4446-4460. Losing 4410 will see 4390-80.
Now 4433
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Trading plan for today 4/6: $SPX
Yesterday, 4551 was the critical support and the bulls lost it after more than 5 attempts to hold and fail to bounce, which is not good for the bulls. Today's support levels 4471-4463 need to hold for the bulls to reclaim 4505-4515. Losing 4463 will see 4444.
Now 4482
Note: Today is FOMC day at 2pm and that will likely be a catalyst for a reversal to 4500. Risk management!
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Today's Trading Plan 4/5: $SPX
Yesterday, my target was 4575 and it was achieved and the bulls are consolidating to play up to the 200 DMA target of 4670. The 4563-4551 support levels need to hold to play up to 4585-4597. Losing 4551 will see 4531.
Now 4568
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Weekend Edition # 36
Hi all, The Weekend Edition is back.

Here's what I cover:
  • Recap - $SPX, SPR release, $VIX
  • Sector in Focus - Consumer Discretionary $XLY
  • Earnings - $NKE $RH
  • What I’m watching this week
  • Closing Thoughts - Mixed Signals
HAGW and week ahead!

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