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My FULL Portfolio - Jan 2022
Hello fellow investors
I monthly post an excel file on my Telegram Channel with my Full Dividend Portfolio + ETFs Portfolio.

Here on CS, you can see all my holdings and trades, but I believe that the level of detail in the excel file is still unmatched. Also, because it came straight out from, I report their Quant Score, SA Authors Score, and Wall St. Score, which are paid features (you welcome!)

I post my portfolio update at the beginning of each month, so follow me if you want to be updated

Some of my biggest holding:

Here also the link to my Telegram Channel -
I make a few posts there related to my investment, and in general, I talk about dividend investing or crypto (I am an $HNT.X proud miner)

Let me know what you think about in the comments
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Looking at all these dividends 😍
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Sorry but the image quality is not very good, please download the Excel for a better experience :)
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