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Essex Property Trust πŸ’Έ $2.20/share
Apartment REITs are delivering amazing performance and solid dividends.
I am proud to be a shareholder of $ESS, and I get rewarded for many years with a solid and reliable dividend

Yield 3.05%
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Earning Presentations πŸ“Š
Last 2 weeks of Earning Presentations for the stocks in my portfolio.
Maybe some of you can be interested in πŸ‘‡

Johnson & Johnson $JNJ

Lockheed Martin $LMT

Procter & Gamble $PG


Sonoco Products $SON

Genuine Parts Co. $GPC

Kimberly-Clark $KMB (report only)

Verizon $VZ (infographic)

Coca-Cola $KO (report only)

PepsiCo. $PEP (report only)

Archer Daniels Midland $ADM


Kraft-Heinz $KHC

Microsoft $MSFT (ppt presentation)

Essex Property Trust $ESS (report only)

AvalonBay $AVB

The Southern Company $SO

Qualcomm $QCOM

Altria $MO

Intel $INTC

McDonald’s $MCD (report only)

Now without Fincredible, I need to do the dirty work myself 🀣
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Essex Property Trust $ESS - Investor Presentation
Brand new slides from my favorite REIT 🀩
Have a look if you are into Real Estate on the US West Coast

Interesting snapshots πŸ‘‡

πŸ”Έ Tech Companies are hiring like never before

πŸ”Έ House demand exceeds supply on the West Coast

πŸ”ΈVCs are increasing their funding of Biotech companies in San Francisco and San Diego, opening new offices, and attracting more workers.

Link to the whole slides here:
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Essex Property πŸ’Έ $2.20/share (+5.3% increase)
Strong REITs performance in 2021, and a big reward from $ESS to its shareholders. Thank you for the present.
Yield 2.78%
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My investing strategy
My long term investing strategy consists of mostly ETFs. I like to use M1 Finance because I can group multiple ETFs and stocks together into pies essentially creating my own ETF. ETFs are great because they can provide safety and consistency.
Here’s the break down of my pies on M1 Finance:
30% Income ETF: this pie includes ETFs that pay a high dividend yield and 2 that are tax advantaged. This includes $EVT $QYLD $RYLD $XYLD $HDV $DVY $HTD $JEPI $NUSI $UTG
25% Growth ETF: this includes ETFs with growth potential and different objectives and holdings. This includes $ENFR $DGRO $SCHD $VGT $EELV $VNQ
25% MLP: this includes master limited partnerships. These are a different type of investment that can offer high returns and tax advantages. This includes $AB $CEQP $EVA $MPLX $MMP $USAC
20% Dividend growth ETF: this is my own ETF I made of stocks with growth and consistent dividends. This includes $AAPL $ABBV $ABR $APTS $AVGO $BLK $BAC $BCE $BMO $BP $BXMT $CAT $CSCO $CVX $ENB $EQR $ESS $HRZN $HTA $IIPR $JPM $KB $KIM $KO $LYB $MMM $MO $MPW $MSB $MSFT $NEWT $NKE $O $OHI $OKE $PRU $RY $SBLK $SKT $STAG $STWD $TD $TGT $VZ $WPC $XOM
I use my Fidelity account to pick individual growth stocks and my TD Ameritrade account to swing trade.
Strategy: growth and income, mix of high and moderate risk
Dividend yield: 5.95%
Last year return: 12.29%
M1 Finance total holdings: 68 (16 ETFs)
Thanks for sharing about your ETF strategyβ€”

I think I remember hearing a bit about your Master Limited Partnership investing a while ago. I forget, what we’re the tax benefits associated with those?
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My REITs Recap 🏘️ πŸ₯
Hello fellow investors,
Last week 3 of my 4 REITs had Earnings Reports.

$ESS - Apartments West Coast
$AVB - Apartments East/West Coast
$OHI - Senior Care Facilities

So let's take a look:

Apartment REITs are doing good across all the US.

Rents are increasing, occupation too and as we can see Costal one, which suffered more in the covid era, are now back on track. As we can see from the next chart, both $ESS and $AVB are now trading higher than the pre-covid ATH, a sign that the market considers the sector fully recovered.

I was lucky to average down on both these REITs during 2020, having now a wonderful $ESS +36% and $AVB +54%. But, of course, I am not planning to sell these dividend beasts anytime soon.

Regarding Healthcare and Senior Living REITs, the situation is a bit worse.
Even both my investments, $NHI and $OHI, didn't report any additional dividend cut, they are still struggling cause the industry is under pressure.

Rent collection and occupancy are a bit low, creating danger for the sustainability of their dividends.

The situation is not good. But I believe in the future needs of Senior Housing and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Stocks are trading way under the pre-covid levels, and there is a great opportunity for a strong price rally if they can survive such hard times.

I don't plan to increase my investment at this stage; for sure, I will first wait for the Earning Reports of $NHI, which will be the end of February, before taking any decision.

Do you invest in REITs? What's your vision of the market?
Let me know πŸ‘‡
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For the REIT ❀️ Lovers
Hello fellow investors,
I want to bring to your attention a series of interesting resources for all the REITs lovers out there.

REITs are a superb investment vehicle, especially for non-US investors, which cannot benefit from websites like Fundrise, for example, to invest directly in the US Real Estate market.

Podcast πŸ”‰
Here is the link to one podcast from Alexis Assadi. It's dated 2018, but the information in each episode is timeless cause it explains how REITs work. It's a lighthearted approach to understanding the world of REITs, and if you are not familiar with it, I suggest you take a look.

Episode from 2 to 9 are REIT oriented

REIT Database πŸ—‚οΈ
There are plenty of websites talking about REIT investment, but I found that Nareit is one of the best places to go. Extensive database of private and public REITs, articles, statistics, and market data. I suggest taking a look there.

REIT Analyst πŸ”Ž
Without a doubt, we need to talk about Hoya Capital
Those fellas are nuts. The level of analysis and the quality of their articles are top quality. Unfortunately, most of their articles are for paid members, but if you subscribe to them on Seeking Alpha from time to time, come out free analysis. I have to say, they are gems.

Hoya capital also runs 2 ETFs on the REIT market:

1) $HOMZ Hoya Capital Housing Index 🏘️
Offers diversified exposure across the entire United States residential housing industry, seeking to invest in many of the fastest-growing real estate companies.

2) $RIET Hoya Capital High Dividend YieldπŸ’Έ
Provides diversified exposure to 100 of the highest dividend-yielding real estate securities in the United States. Distribute the dividend monthly.

Hope you folks are interested in REITs as much as I am, so hopefully, such links can be useful.

What REITs I own: you can check my profile, connected directly with IBRK account, but here is the list: $ESS $AVB $O $NHI $OHI

I will post articles and graphics about the Real Estate market from time to time, so if you are interested, upvote this post and follow me here on SC.
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Dividend Stock #2 - $ESS
Hello fellow investors
this is post #2 out of #50, where I introduce you to all the dividend stocks in my portfolio

Today we talk about ESSEX Property Trust - $ESS

>> investor relation link

This Company is a REIT; if you are not familiar with that, REITs are a type of company that owns, operates, or finances income-generating real estate. They act a bit different from a normal company, and if you want to dig into it, I suggest you check out the Alexis Assadi podcast about REITs.

$ESS own and manage properties on the US West Coast, mostly California and Settle. Such properties are home to the thousands of employees of the Tech and BioTech industry; for this reason, the performance of $ESS is in some way linked to Tech Stocks.

It was the first REIT I bought, and even when Covid first hit the US, they could collect most of their rent, and the Company didn't suffer much; the dividend was paid regularly, and the stock price is now completely recovered.

REITs are a great way to generate cash flow income and can be considered a substitute to own property directly. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to invest in the Californian housing market if you are an international investor, and REITs are probably the best solution.

The Company has an outstanding track record of price appreciation and dividend growth. I was lucky enough to average down my position in $ESS exactly during April '20, so I benefited from the recovery.

ESSEX is the biggest REIT-holding of my portfolio. I am not planning to increase my exposure, but I am ready to buy more if the price decreases.

Do you like such posts?
Give it an upvote, and follow me for more.
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My best 2021 investment
Hello fellow investors,
There is no secret that 2021 was a remarkable year for investors and was especially good for long-term dividend growth investors like me and probably many of you.

I want to take this occasion to write down here and share my three best investments of 2021:

Best by % Return
AvalonBay Communities $AVB
This Residential REIT returned an impressive +58% over the last year, and this doesn't include the juicy dividends I keep receiving any quarter.

Best by $$$ Return
Pfizer Inc. $PFE
The company doesn't require any presentation, I believe :) It stamped an impressive +50% return during 2021. It's lower than $AVB but considering my holding in $PFE is way bigger; this is my best-returning investment by $$$ point of view of 2021

Best Dividend Increase
Best Buy Co. $BBY
The stock didn't perform well in 2021, but it nailed the dividend with a juicy +27% increase. Massive!


Honorable Mentions:

Essex Property Trust $ESS +48.7%
The Home Depot $HD +47.8%
Microsoft $MSFT +43.8%
Prudential Financial $PRU +41.1%
Tyson Foods $TSN +40.8%

Let's hope for a similar 2022

Curious about my portfolio? Check my profile or read this memo:

Do you Love Dividend Stocks? Then follow me here on CS
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My FULL Portfolio - Jan 2022
Hello fellow investors
I monthly post an excel file on my Telegram Channel with my Full Dividend Portfolio + ETFs Portfolio.

Here on CS, you can see all my holdings and trades, but I believe that the level of detail in the excel file is still unmatched. Also, because it came straight out from, I report their Quant Score, SA Authors Score, and Wall St. Score, which are paid features (you welcome!)

I post my portfolio update at the beginning of each month, so follow me if you want to be updated

Some of my biggest holding:

Here also the link to my Telegram Channel -
I make a few posts there related to my investment, and in general, I talk about dividend investing or crypto (I am an $HNT.X proud miner)

Let me know what you think about in the comments
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