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$SPG off it’s highs. I’m buying more of this dividend producing cash cow
Good opportunity to jump into $SPG stock… it’s $20 off it’s high of $150. I’m buying more here.

Bought 100% more ZIM $50 Calls
1/20/2023 Exp, Opening
$ZIM. 🙌🙌🙌

-$12.16 EPS vs. $10.38 VIE / $9.25 analyst avg
-$2.50/qtr dividend (20% yield)
-FY21 EBITDA > market cap
-$18/sh net cash
-Generating over $1/sh in FCF per week
-Guidance implies Q4 > Q3

Raising our 'fair value estimate' to $80/sh

Buying the dip on $PSFE slowly here. Bought shares and wrote laddered OTM puts expiring from Nov to April. The premiums just seem too juicy. I have yet to see any former SPAC dip below the $3.00 threshold, let alone one sponsored by legendary investor Bill Foley, who has an innate knowledge of gambling companies. This is a buy all day long in the low $4.xx’s.

I had thought about trading out my short position against my shares on $DIS for a higher strike today, but I’m leaning bearish on streaming and the general market lately so I didn’t, and I’m glad considering the Disney is down 10 points AH. I’d link the trades but seems tough on CommonStock so here they are:

Long 100 shares of $DIS with a $175 covered call expiring 11/19 that paid me $3.60 when I wrote it. Was $4.66 at close today, tomorrow will be worth 10% of that probably.

The VIX is up again today… it was up Friday as well, even though the indexes were up. I don’t like this. In the past when I’ve seen the indexes up and the VIX up it indicated a looming drop in the market.

Sold off my $CNTY $15 12/17 call options. In for 65¢, out for $1.45 in a day.

Also shaved 10% of my commons and picked up a 2023 $230 LEAP on $BA.
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