RyanAir's CEO complained about Boeing's management in latest earnings call
While the $RH CEO is touting a potential recession on the horizon, the $RYAAY CEO is complaining about $BA's management.

The main complaint that RyanAir's CEO had about Boeing was that they kept delaying the delivery of their planes. From the CEO's perspective, Boeing already built the planes and kept them for two years for a variety of reasons. Since time is money, RyanAir is looking to buy planes from the second-hand market.

Other airline CEOs have complained about Boeing's management, but they were using less offensive words compared to RyanAir's CEO.
What are your own thoughts on $BA's management? I can see that may be reasonable to expect supply chain delays for aircrafts being manufactured but for ones that are already built do you think the hold up is due to internal administrative struggles?
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Weekly market review (week/YTD)
$SPY -3.30%/-13.26%
$QQQ -3.73%/-21.26%
$VTV -3.17%/-4.36%
$VUG -3.46%/-21.92%
$ARKK -10.16%/-50.17%
Portfolio -1.42%/-15.20%

The market closes below early March lows on some bad earnings and concerning economic data.

2022 had the worst start to a year on record for the Nasdaq. April was the worst month for $QQQ since 2008. Four down weeks in a row.
So, don’t feel bad if your portfolio isn’t doing well, it’s been a tough environment to invest in.

Lots of earnings reports this week, a lot to go through & analyze. Usually, when holding quality companies, I expect no big moves on earnings reports because of their predictability. In uncertain economic times however, this can happen, it happened and must be investigated.

When analyzing earnings, it's critical to go straight to the source. Don’t listen to mainstream media coverage. The media’s job is to get attention with dramatic headlines, not to provide you with in-depth analysis. Instead, read the report and listen to the call.

My portfolio did alright this week. Earnings impact has been balanced. Strongly negative reactions to $ALGN, $BA and $AMZN. More positive reactions to $FB, $PINS, $V and $MA. I have 17% in cash, if the market goes down next week, I will probably buy some more quality companies.

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BA - The Boeing Company - Aerospace & Defense - $102.31B - %Chg: -8.48%

SPOT - Spotify Technology S.A. - Internet Content & Information - $23.55B - %Chg: -5.50%

DB - Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft - Banks - Regional - $23.20B - %Chg: -5.97%

FFIV - F5, Inc. - Software - Infrastructure - $12.02B - %Chg: -13.22%

NCR - NCR Corporation - Information Technology Services - $5.40B - %Chg: -19.83%

FRGE - Forge Global Holdings, Inc. - Software - Application - $3.06B - %Chg: -12.95%

RES - RPC, Inc. - Oil & Gas Equipment & Services - $2.66B - %Chg: -9.49%

TRN - Trinity Industries, Inc. - Railroads - $2.65B - %Chg: -7.96%

EXTR - Extreme Networks, Inc. - Communication Equipment - $1.54B - %Chg: -9.56%

SKYW - SkyWest, Inc. - Airlines - $1.48B - %Chg: -5.89%

CHEF - The Chefs' Warehouse, Inc. - Food Distribution - $1.37B - %Chg: -6.09%

BBLN - Babylon Holdings Limited - Health Information Services - $1.34B - %Chg: -5.26%

HA - Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. - Airlines - $973.10M - %Chg: -5.77%

NN - NextNav Inc. - Internet Content & Information - $744.63M - %Chg: -8.64%

AGRX - Agile Therapeutics, Inc. - Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic - $688.86M -
%Chg: -19.53%

SEV - Sono Group N.V. - Auto Manufacturers - $516.37M - %Chg: -12.71%

MOLN - Molecular Partners AG - Biotechnology - $463.09M - %Chg: -37.80%

DBD - Diebold Nixdorf, Incorporated - Software - Application - $420.46M - %Chg: -8.68%

ATER - Aterian, Inc. - Furnishings, Fixtures & Appliances - $349.19M - %Chg: -5.53%

STRO - Sutro Biopharma, Inc. - Biotechnology - $322.12M - %Chg: -7.24%
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Meta/FB Earnings, Pending Home Sales: Daily Contrarian (April 27)
Good morning contrarians! Stock futures are rising a day after a brutal sell-off on Wall Street. Tech saw the worst of it yesterday, with the Nasdaq down 4% to slip deeper into bear market territory. Other U.S. indexes were down 2%-plus.

Today’s issue is reprinted here in its entirety for the CommonStock community. You may also listen to the podcast here.

State of Play
As of 0620, stock futures look to rebound with major indexes up 1%. Among individual stocks, $MSFT and $V are rallying after earnings yesterday, both up 5%. Losers include $GOOG and $TXN, both down about 3%.

Commodities are mostly flat, with WTI crude up about 0.5% to trade around $102/barrel. Bonds aren’t doing much either with the 2-year yield sitting on 2.58% whilst the 10-year is 2.77%, both roughly unchanged. Cryptos are dropping again, with bitcoin off 3% to trade around $39,000.

$FB is the main event today but that’s not until after the close at 1600.
$GSK and $BG just reported a beat of top- and bottom-line estimates. $SPOT revenues missed expectations but MAUs and premium subscribers grew by 19% and 15%, respectively. Not sure what was expected but Spotify is moving higher this morning, up 2%.

We’re waiting to hear from $KHC, $BA, and $TMUS before the market opens at 0930. After the close we’ll also get $AMGN, $QCOM, and $F.

Economic Data
Pending home sales are out at 1000. Economists surveyed expect a 1.6% drop month-over-month in March, less than the 4.1% decline seen in February. Yesterday’s new home sales were in-line with estimates, at least on the headline number.

U.S. Trade Balance is out at 0830. Last month the trade deficit was $107 billion. U.S. trade deficits are a good thing where the health of the global economy is concerned. If Americans are buying more stuff (especially stuff they don’t need) then that means factories in China and elsewhere are churning out more stuff, which means those factories are ordering more raw materials from developing markets, which makes for a healthy global supply chain. Of course there are periodic hiccups in this global supply chain, such as when China shuts down over Covid concerns as they have done recently. Not sure that will work its way into this data yet. It could.

Retail inventories are also out at 0830. Crude oil inventories at 1030. Seeing how it’s Wednesday we’ll also get MBA Mortgage Applications at 0700.

The Bottom Line
Yesterday’s sell-off was as brutal as Monday’s rally was encouraging. Lately it seems the sell-offs have more velocity than the rallies. That’s typical for a bear market. We aren’t there yet for the S&P or Dow, but we are (again) for the Nasdaq.

There doesn’t seem to have been a catalyst for yesterday’s selling either. That too is typical of bear markets. Unless acted upon by an outside force, markets take on the direction of their spirit bull (bear or bull).

If there is a sign of encouragement, it’s that the global economy looks to be in good shape
(certain supply chain issues notwithstanding). But for now stocks have a few precious days left to salvage a positive month for April. So much for it being such a great month for stocks. Consider that your reminder that past performance does not equal future results.
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Big Week Ahead
Here are some notable earnings coming out this week that I am focusing on:

Monday - $KO
Tuesday - $MSFT, $GOOGL
Wednesday - $FB, $BA, $PINS
Thursday - $AAPL, $AMZN, $TWTR, $CAT
Friday - $XOM, $ABBV

I own most of these tickers and would love to add if the opportunity presents itself after this week's earnings. Unfortunately, last week, my scanner did not pop up anything, as you can tell, due to the volatility, so it has been pretty quiet on my side.
What to watch for the week of 4/25/22
Are you prepared to take on the markets this week? If not, here is a watchlist that I created of some potential catalysts I’ll be watching for the week beginning April 25th. Check out the link in my bio for a more detailed break down of how I plan to trade this week and view my other graphics.

Hopefully this graphic can help you navigate your investing and trading decisions. Feel free to save it for reference, share it in your trade groups and repost it on your social media page. Also be sure to follow me. Good luck everyone!
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Long $BA on higher demand for more fuel efficient planes
The newer planes are more fuel-efficient than the older planes. Also, we don't know how long these jet fuel prices will remain elevated. Because of the uncertainties of the current world, I forsee many airlines placing orders for more fuel-efficient planes.

Long run, they save a lot of money. Once they get their planes, in the short run, their margins will be higher.
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Weekly market review (week/YTD)
$SPY -2.19%/-7.83%
$QQQ -3.07%/-14.94%
$VTV -1.02%/+0.64%
$VUG -3.12%/-15.79%
$ARKK -2.74%/-37.64%
Portfolio -2.57%/-10.71%

The market is down this week and struggling with recent technical resistance.

$VTV is having its time in the sun this year, caused by insecurity in the markets. Near ATH, but still has a nice 2.14% forward dividend yield. However, historically value underperforms $SPY over the long-term, so this is a deviation. Would not recommend buying right now.

My portfolio is performing in-line with the market. Unfortunately, I have a few companies that drag down performance and that I wouldn’t buy anymore given stricter investing criteria. These are $PINS, $YUMC, $BABA and partly $BA. Only quality investing from this point on.

Quite a few companies on my selection of high quality companies are below my intrinsic value and at or below my buy points. No buys recently because I already have allocations. However, if the market continues going down, there might be a chance to get cheap shares again.

Check out my eToro portfolio to follow all my investments:
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