$BA Trade Recap: How I made $5,200 in less than 3 days
If you are curious knowing some of my strategies in how I made trade decisions. Here is a 1 minute video on how I made $5,200 in less than 3 days by playing $BA.

I discuss support/resistance lines, traditional TA such as trend reversals, 9/21 ema crossover, and how I made an exit on this trade.

Yay Preston, that’s what I need! Some details. I read my first book last week, started another today, focused more on TA & trading. But I know so little about technical analysis, I can’t keep up reading TA posts on CS, it’s like a foreign language. I’m learning, but I’d love more details from the TA investor’s here.

I’ve obviously come across a lot of indicators reading about investing, but some I’ve heard you mention, I have never come across.

If you get bored, shorts like this explaining some of the indicators would be a gem also. Sure it’s out there somewhere, but we already have you😉

Knowing some indicators you value above others would be cool too. I have my fundamental metrics that mean everything to me, while tossing most of what people consider important out the window.

I read 50+ books to find 10 good ones on investing and FA, I’d rather not repeat the same inefficiency learning TA🤣
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Anybody here own this name. I get Covid hurt them a lot and they still have alot of debt on balance sheet. But if they are able to get debt down and gain trust in shareholders this could be an interesting stock. Also aware of the 737 issues but that seems to be almost behind us now. Love to hear peoples thoughts on this name
A concern I can see with owning $BA at the moment is that a lot of airlines took on so much debt during the pandemic…
A question to ask yourself, will airlines be rushing out to expand their fleets in the current climate?
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What Moves The Stock: Boeing
Boeing ($BA) is the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense aircrafts. Boeing has retraced 61% from its ATH (All time High), but has bounced 51% from its recent low in June. Volatility has been very apparent with this company, so we are going to break down a few reasons for all the volatility.
Boeing is a very news driven stock. If you think back to 2019-2020, you might remember the 737 Max Grounding due to the technical problems that resulted in fatal crashes in 2018 - 2019. Prior to these crashes, the Boeing 737 was the best selling plane on the market. Once the crashes and groundings happened, Boeing took a huge hit to their financials.
Moving forward to today, Boeing is still battling to recover from the financial setbacks as well as the loss of trust/respect from customers. They have missed on EPS and Revenues every quarter dating back to July 2021. In addition to this, $BA announced yesterday that deliveries have slipped to a 5 month low of only 26 planes in July. The decline highlights the pressure on global supply chains as the company prepares to resume deliveries of the 787 Dreamliner.
As supply chains have continued to make an impact on Boeing, why have they been able to sustain a bounce of 51% from June lows? Boeing announced today that they made their first 787 Dreamliner delivery since May 2021 after all the recent manufacturing flaws discovered throughout the 787. As seen below, flight demands have been down close to 75% given the continued impact of COVID19.

As seen above, flight demand starting ticking back up at the beginning of June which has helped spur some of the recent strength within $BA. In addition to the flight trends starting to tick back up, $BA has gotten a jump in share price given the macro economic conditions. Inflation is starting to peak, and the stock market is starting to price in future rate cuts which normally results in higher stock prices. Given this and the anticipated news of the Dreamliner getting approval from the FAA, the stock price has started pricing the deliveries will increase given this new aircraft approval. As mentioned above, today was the first they delivered a Dreamliner since May 2021.
Given inflation continues to remain high, I expect this to continue to cause a lower demand for air travel as many consumers are struggling to pay for necessities let alone luxuries such as travel. Going forward, keep an eye on $BA deliveries, flight demand, all future earning reports, and sector performance. $BA is a heavily cyclical stock that fits into the industrial sector. Industrials historically have underperformed in a rising interest rate environment which could cause further downside pressure on Boeing into Q1 2023. As shown below, here is a chart of the return relative to the SP500 in a rising interest rate environment.

As a novice writer, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
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Love it! Is this the right way to put it as a rule of thumb for 'What moves Boing stock'?:

  1. Delivers
  1. Flight demand
  1. Keep an eye on relevant news as it can move the shorter term stock price
  1. Generally underperforms in a rising rate environment
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$GOOGL just has to be the top pick for the next 40dys. So lock up on this stock. I need the advance's when it stops $2k in September start
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What to watch for the week beginning 5/30/22
Get prepared to take on the market this week by checking out my watchlist. It details some potential catalysts I’m personally most interested in for the week beginning May 30th. Hopefully this graphic can help you navigate your investing and trading decisions. Feel free to save it for reference, share it in your trade groups and repost it on your social media page. Also be sure to follow me for more.

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RyanAir's CEO complained about Boeing's management in latest earnings call
While the $RH CEO is touting a potential recession on the horizon, the $RYAAY CEO is complaining about $BA's management.

The main complaint that RyanAir's CEO had about Boeing was that they kept delaying the delivery of their planes. From the CEO's perspective, Boeing already built the planes and kept them for two years for a variety of reasons. Since time is money, RyanAir is looking to buy planes from the second-hand market.

Other airline CEOs have complained about Boeing's management, but they were using less offensive words compared to RyanAir's CEO.
What are your own thoughts on $BA's management? I can see that may be reasonable to expect supply chain delays for aircrafts being manufactured but for ones that are already built do you think the hold up is due to internal administrative struggles?
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Weekly market review (week/YTD)
$SPY -3.30%/-13.26%
$QQQ -3.73%/-21.26%
$VTV -3.17%/-4.36%
$VUG -3.46%/-21.92%
$ARKK -10.16%/-50.17%
Portfolio -1.42%/-15.20%

The market closes below early March lows on some bad earnings and concerning economic data.

2022 had the worst start to a year on record for the Nasdaq. April was the worst month for $QQQ since 2008. Four down weeks in a row.
So, don’t feel bad if your portfolio isn’t doing well, it’s been a tough environment to invest in.

Lots of earnings reports this week, a lot to go through & analyze. Usually, when holding quality companies, I expect no big moves on earnings reports because of their predictability. In uncertain economic times however, this can happen, it happened and must be investigated.

When analyzing earnings, it's critical to go straight to the source. Don’t listen to mainstream media coverage. The media’s job is to get attention with dramatic headlines, not to provide you with in-depth analysis. Instead, read the report and listen to the call.

My portfolio did alright this week. Earnings impact has been balanced. Strongly negative reactions to $ALGN, $BA and $AMZN. More positive reactions to $FB, $PINS, $V and $MA. I have 17% in cash, if the market goes down next week, I will probably buy some more quality companies.

Check out my public eToro portfolio to follow all my investments: