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Both Fastly & Datadog have been consolidating around the $90 price range since Q2.

$FSLY reported disappointing Q3 earnings with annual revenue growth at 42% after their largest customer, TikTok left their platform. Q4 will be the first earnings after their Signal Sciences acquisition. Additionally, 5G rollout is gaining acceleration with airwave auctions happening globally. 5G should really enhance growth of Fasly's Compute @edge platform.

$DDOG beat Q3 revenue estimates, growing 61% y-y and guided inline to expectations, but sold off down to $80/share. $SPLK has been aggressively acquiring companies like Plumbr, Rigor, and Flowmill in Q4 to build out its observability suite.

$FSLY closed today @ $104.13
$DDOG closed today @ $103.34

Which stock ends higher in price at the end of 2021?
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I sold both $FSLY and $DDOG and invested the money back into $NET. Largely because of consolidation of stocks; I am trying to going from 40+stocks to 20 stocks. $DDOG while growing great I am not sure how much it can grow :)
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Time for $LINK to Rally?
With Ethereum now leading (over Bitcoin), I'm eyeing some Alt cryptos. $LINK.X monthly chart looks beautiful and could easily be a 5-10x move in the next couple of months.
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Chainlink helps enable outside real world data to the blockchain. What we're seeing is Bitcoin is becoming the preferred crypto currency and Ethereum being the utility for decentralized finance to happen.

Chainlink helps enable the real world connect to the block chain and De-FI.

There's a lot of alt coins out there and there's a reason why the are referred to as shitcoins sometimes. However, Chainlink is one that I think can flourish.

From a technical perspective, Chainlink looks ready to move to the $50-100 level and is one of the few alt coins without historical supply from 2017 prices overhanging it.
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