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Looking seriously at $EVMT as a commodity play on the EV boom. With a heavy investment on nickel and copper, and no K-1, it looks poised to benefit from the transition long term. Anyone else looking at commodities as part of EV aside from lithium?
EV Metals
Looking into the EV space and the materials required for all batteries, not just lithium. Two ETFs that are in this space are $CRIT and $EVMT. Long term, the materials needed for production would ultimately have to be vertically consolidated by the main manufacturers. Rather than trying to pick an EV company that will win out, my thought is to grab the materials needed for all EVs. Have any of you dug into this space or these ETFs?
Anyone taken a look at the new $EDBL stock? Frequently see their products in shopping carts at the grocery store. Looking into their warrants for a very small position.
ETF Charts
Wondering if anyone can help - within the last month or so someone posted 4 charts modeling ETF performance from inception to X years out. For the life of me I can’t find the post. Any chance one of you can link it in comments?
When looking for income generating ETFs, both $SPFF and $PFFD stand out for their dividend and expense ratio. Both have relatively attractive valuations currently. Which do you prefer?
Which ETF do you prefer?
0%Other (listed in comments)
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The team behind $EMQQ and $FMQQ have developed an India specific e-commerce and internet ETF. Overall their previous ETFs have not performed well as long term holds. $EMQQ did peak in early 2021 around 80/share.

What are your thoughts on an e-commerce ETF for India specifically, noting the tremendous demographic and financial shifts that are coming for that populous country?
Is $INQQ a viable long term play?
50%Too early to tell
25%Get in on the ground floor
25%Other India ETFs are better
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I only swing trade ETFs right now, but the more the merrier, I voted too early to tell though.
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The metals needed for EV are going to be in high demand for the foreseeable future. Using the ocean floor to gather them seems like a new angle. Thoughts on $TMC compared to other land based miners?
I don't use fundamentals but from a technical point of view it is still in a down trend on the daily and higher time frames.
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