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Bitcoin - Are you in or out?
Personally in since about $21k seeing a rally that has left many bitter and with hate but I also see the potential for a further leg to the upside if enough fomo kicks in.

Interested in seeing the perspective of others on this recent $BTC.X move.

Out personally, I don’t know much about how to trade currencies.
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Some NFT talk
Have you ever bought or sold any NFT?
Do you think they have utility and a future in this market?

I personally bought and sold a few, I saw the appeal it can create but I also saw the fact that most NFTs can’t retain their value for a long time unless propped by insane advertising and hype.

However I see a future in which NFTs transition more to the utility side of things and could potentially become game changers. However this isn’t to say they would be worth anything. NFTs could stop being investment vehicles and still be extremely useful in our everyday life.

I have never owned one personally. If I squint, I can see the use case. But that's doesn't necessarily mean I agree with it. I believe most Web3 projects are trying to fix problems that already exist, with worth solutions.
Retail Capitulation
Do you think the bottom is in or we have more downside to go? Are you buying or waiting for cheaper stocks?
Bottom in?

17 VotesPoll ended on: 7/27/2022

We go lower through Q1 2023. It’s possible we get a bounce in August, but I think we are only half way through this down move. QT is just starting with no signs of a bottom forming currently.
Buying $COIN rather than $BTC.X
I believe $COIN makes for a compelling long at these levels rather than longing $BTC.X
Coinbase has been beaten down but their financials are solid with billions in cash, big enough to make them last until the next up cycle and collect the fees from their new NFT platform as well.

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