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Do you think the bottom is in or we have more downside to go? Are you buying or waiting for cheaper stocks?
Bottom in?
17 VotesPoll ended on: 07/27/22
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We go lower through Q1 2023. It’s possible we get a bounce in August, but I think we are only half way through this down move. QT is just starting with no signs of a bottom forming currently.
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Who knows, but there are definitely some bargains to be had out there now, and likely over the next few months
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I don't know, so I voted "no", the status quo, but the monthly chart could be putting in a bullish inverted hammer candle friday, at the end of the month, at a known support level, the 50 period simple moving average, (the dark blue line)......
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I hope @investorinsight is right. More time to accumulate while some businesses are down.
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I think most investors who do better to avoid timing tops and bottoms.