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DuPont Analysis
Looking at numbers on the balance sheets and income statements could never be an outdated valuation method. Plugging those numbers into simple financial ratios like ROE, ROA, profit margin, etc. could right away indicate a company's performance. We could also tell where that company is in the industry and among its peers. That's why DuPont analysis is always one of my main methods when it comes to equity analysis besides other common and complex valuation frameworks. Additionally, by combining this quantitative analysis with other qualitative ones like SWOT and Macros thesis we would be able to have a more in-depth understanding of the firm's situation or what is influencing its performance.

This is a DuPont Analysis that I did for $ADSK as a volunteer equity analyst, let me know what you think!
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It looks like $ADSK ‘s Net Income / equity was more volatile than $BSY and $ADBE from 2018 to 2020. Was there anything that jumped out at you as to why it went from +38% to -154% and then +125%?
I just emailed $AMAT Investor Relations team with some questions to learn a little bit more about the company. I asked about the chip shortage issue, the company's plan to ride out economic downturn, and its direction towards the IoT industry. I was also curious about why their forecasted revenue for the current quarter is quite low comparing to other analysts.

Hopefully, they would get back to me. In the mean time, does anyone have suggestions on what we should ask IR in general or $AMAT in this case?

Love it when people share what questions they’re asking Investor Relations!

What is the spread between the forecasted revenue and what other AMAT analysts are projecting?
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