$STOR Buyout
Store Capital has agreed to be bought out by GIC and Oak Street Capital in a $14b deal.

As a shareholder its a very nice premium to my cost basis but I would have liked to see the company remain public longer.
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Interesting, I just have gotten into the reit space. The name I own is NTST. Love their philosophy and experience from management. Ceo was from O.
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At least I’ll bet a tidy little profit.
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So many M&A lately. Seems prices have gone so much down CEO's and CFO's are starting to take notice.
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@dollarsandsense, at the start of the quarter you posted that $STOR represented a 5% position for you. Do you have any ideas for where you'll put the proceeds?
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@tomato Yes! I sold out of the position this morning and reallocated the funds to $BOC and $SLV. Just waiting for the trades to show up on commonstock and I will make a post about it.
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@dollarsandsense Just saw @soren1 's Idea competition post on Boston Omaha! Lots of love for that name :)
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@nathanworden $BOC has a lot of moving parts, but it is a really interesting company.