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🔥 "Our survival depends on AI" | $PLTR Bullets #23
Palantir last week:
  • CEO Karp shares in a letter shares that companies with a dual class of shares, like Palantir, will now become eligible for the S&P500 due to a methodology change. Due to the presence of F Shares, restricted to founders, Palantir was previously not eligible. The only missing criterion is now profitability:

> “The sum of the most recent four consecutive quarters’ Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) earnings (net income excluding discontinued operations) should be positive as should the most recent quarter.” - S&P 500 Methodology
  • Palantir announced it will publish the Q1 Results on May 8th after the market close. Will Palantir report the second GAAP profitable quarter? Stay tuned.

  • Palantir CTO Shyam Sankar testified on AI for the Department of Defence explaining why it is crucial to allocate proper budgets to it:

> "We need to spend at least 5% of our budget on capabilities that will terrify our adversaries." - atShyam Sankar, Palantir CTO

  • Palantir will provide Ukraine with software to help investigators process almost 80,000 registered war crimes from Russian troops. Palantir will provide the software without charge. For now.

> “Palantir’s software will combine intelligence and satellite imagery to build a map of evidence, for instance establishing the proximity of Russian equipment to crime scenes or aggregating photographs that Ukrainians have uploaded to social media and investigators.” - Reuters
🔥 "Our survival depends on AI" | Palantir Bullets #23
This week's Palantir developments and the crowned “Tweet of the Week”

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