Added 10th Position in my Taxable Brokerage Account
$TWLO position has been added. Followed the company since March 2019 and never had a position in the company, though I almost started one back when it was above $300 a share. Starting a position at a lower Market Cap than when I first heard about the company is a win I'll take!
Preston | Investor Insight's avatar
Nice - I’ve been looking into $TWLO too!
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It’s been on my watchlist for a few months now, been waiting to pull the trigger on it! Might wait for it to hold above the 50MA and catch the gap up to the 200MA
Gaurav Kotak @ Fincredible's avatar
Great. I felt like a moron selling it around 140, when it went to 300. I'm now back in modestly, but I'm not entire bullish. Their growth is slowing, gross margin <50% and based on some of my checks, their segments acquisition isn't going as smoothly as they'd like
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what growth story are you seeing in $TWLO? Plz follow #blind app too, it is sinking ship
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TWLO is on my watchlist, been there for months. I just can’t get past the dilution.
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That's patience right there, nice!
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Nice, followed :)
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This is definitely a testament to your patience and discipline.
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I was recently able to start a $TWLO position around $80/share. The anticipated 30% revenue growth going forward is decent enough to me. :)
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$TWLO valuation looks attractive, the product is solid as well. The thing that bother me with the company for some years now since following it is the low gross margin. Also wondering when they are planning to turn a net profit.