$ROKU is in all sorts of trouble this year but it’s ability to add new users (though by selling hardware at a loss) and increasing ARPU in a very tough macro environment is worth paying attention to.

Is $ROKU dead or will it make a comeback when the macro environment normalizes?
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I own it but haven't added recently. Their entry into the smart home stuff is a little strange and possibly desperate.
I don't personally see myself buying any of this stuff and would probably go to another brand (like Google Home) first.
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I own it too. No adds for me either. For me $ROKU thesis comes down to wether it can maintain its leadership position in the connected TV market when add $$ transfer from linear TV.

End of the day what matters is how many eyeballs $ROKU can get and how well it monetizes them. 🤞
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It says the products are compatible with Google Home and Alexa so that’s interesting.



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