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$AAPL The King of Gaming?
Today, I learnt: Apple made $2B more profits from games in 2019 than Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony & Activision Blizzard, combined. I’ve never thought of Apple being much of a gaming company but I do know their App Store has a strong moat. I can now see why Microsoft is acquiring Activision Blizzard.

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I did not know this but I absolutely love it! Another reason for me to be a happy $AAPL holder
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@acb123 I ask myself everyday why I don’t own Apple shares
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@moneyshark There is no time like the present :)
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Didn't know this but I'm not surprised since they're literally the IRS when it comes to Apps lol
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@couch_investor this is a great analogy haha
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That is insane
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@from100kto1m my thoughts exactly!
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I would not have guessed more than all those other industry players combined
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@rpinvestments I know, some of the biggest names in the industry
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Pretty insane, did not know that, thanks for sharing