This is nuts.

Comparing 20 years of third party marketplaces (defined as when a business or user can sell to another business or user through an internet based platform), shows the power of operating leverage (increase in EBITDA margins through the efficiency of tech) through reduced Sales and Marketing costs.

Web 2.0 properties like $GOOG and $FB preclude crypto companies from advertising on their platforms. Now it makes sense: crypto $TWTR and Commonstock chatter is the key input for growth.
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Twitter doesn't allow ICO ads globally, and crypto ads in general are usually denied. But this forces the community to organically promote their crypto projects— arguably in a more authentic way.

From Twitter Business's ad rules:

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"Chatter" = organic, "advertising" = paid which would be in Sales and Marketing on the P&L
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You highlight OpenSea as having no sales and marketing expenses— are you saying that because OpenSea has 'crypto chatter' they don't need to pay for marketing to grow?



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