"The Market" Stock Pitching Game Recap - Crypto Night
Thanks everyone for coming to "The Market" game yesterday ! We had 30 people show up and heard 5 separate pitches.

To attend next month's game on August 7th, you can sign up here!

Here's the recap from yesterday:

Kyla Scanlon @kyla
Watch the pitch HERE

Jay Schlesinger @jays
Bitcoin $BTC.X.
Watch the pitch HERE

David Hoffman @trustlessstate
Ethereum $ETH.X
Watch the pitch HERE
Bonus: David talks ETH as ultra sound money. Watch HERE

Igli Laci @equitybreakdown
Coinbase $COIN
Watch the pitch HERE

Amit Gupta @amit:
Chainlink $LINK.X
Watch the pitch HERE

Amit won the most votes of the night and revived an annual Stock Card VIP membership.

@sidnistandard had the best question of the night and won a free month membership to 7investing!

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See you all next month!

Sidni Standard's avatar
This was super awesome to be a part of (and to win a free month membership of 7investing). Appreciate you Nathan for organizing a cool event ☺️
Rachel Wolitzky's avatar
@sidnistandard oh good Im so glad you won! You had great question :)
Nathan Worden's avatar
@sidnistandard super fun having you there! You asked great questions- I think we have a future competitor in the house :)
Rachel Wolitzky's avatar
I think this was possibly best one yet! Or best that I’ve been to. Minus my big oops non-muted self in the beginning 😬 sorry guys!
Nathan Worden's avatar
@drrachelstocks no worries! Always great to have you- you’re due for doing another pitch in a future game too if you’re up for it!
Hoda Mehr's avatar
Woohoo! Congrats @amit and @sidnistandard, and well done @nathanworden