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$MS pumps $TSLA stock by touting their new Dojo project
Firstly, where in the world did Tesla mention "Dojo" in their SEC filings? I don't remember seeing that anywhere in their prospectus or in their quarterly reports or in their earnings calls or anywhere at all.

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As Adam Jonas, CFA and his team of analysts at Morgan Stanley write:

"Investors have long debated whether Tesla is an auto company or a tech company. We believe it’s both, but see the biggest value driver from here being software and services revenue. The same forces that have driven AWS to reach 70% of AMZN total EBIT can work at Tesla, in our view, opening up new addressable markets that extend well beyond selling vehicles at a fixed price. The catalyst? Dojo, Tesla’s custom supercomputing effort in the works for the past 5 years. Version 12 of Tesla’s full self driving system (OTA by year-end) and Tesla’s next AI day (early 2024) are worth watching.

We believe that Dojo can add up to $500bn to Tesla’s enterprise value, expressed through a faster adoption rate in Mobility (robotaxi) and Network Services (SaaS). The change drives our PT increase to $400 vs. $250 previously. We upgrade to Overweight and make Tesla our Top Pick."

In other words, the team at Morgan Stanley thinks that Tesla's Dojo project will give Tesla will see a similar level of growth from its Dojo project that $AMZN has seen with AWS. How exactly will Dojo help Tesla depends on what exactly Tesla does with Dojo. According to Jonas, he thinks that Dojo will help Tesla supercompute its way in becoming the leader in self-driving and create a robotaxi that far exceeds the performance of $GM Cruise and $GOOGL Waymo.

Personally, I don't think that Tesla or any other automaker that chooses to not use LiDAR in their vehicles can supercompute their way in becoming #1 in self-driving. This Dojo brain can consume and understand millions of hours of drive time and it wouldn't be enough to help the vehicle adapt to any environment. With LiDAR, the vehicle will have a better time understanding its environment and surrounding area. The Dojo wouldn't be able to help navigate a Tesla in an environment where its foggy or when people are shinning lasers at it or put tape or dirt or other things to distort the camera's view.

I've seen Waymo vehicles navigate the busy commute time traffic in SF and even overtake vehicles that choose to drive slower or even stop in the middle of the roads. I've seen Cruise vehicles navigate the same level of traffic except they don't drive as aggressively as a Waymo vehicle or any normal driver in the city. For Tesla, their vehicles aren't capable of driving through traffic that's crazy and disorganized. And I don't think the Dojo can help Tesla catch up in the self-driving race to match the capabilities of Cruise and Waymo. Dojo is just another marketing gimmick by Tesla to tout that it's somehow relevant in the self-driving race while cutting corners wherever it can.
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