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Market Weighting (Top 2 Stocks)
$AAPL 7.09% of $SPY
$AAPL 12.5% of $QQQ
$AAPL 21.5% of $XLK

$MSFT 5.93% of $SPY
$MSFT 10.2% of $QQQ
$MSFT 20.4% of $XLK

Curious to hear people's opinion on AAPL/MSFT making up 13% of the S&P500. What implications do you think this could have?

As a reference point, $AAPL was only ~3.5% of the S&P500 in Jan 2020.
Hey welcome to Commonstock!

As someone who is mostly an index investor, it does make me consider if I am comfortable with that amount of concentration. The likes of Facebook, Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple take up a HUGE amount of the index.
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