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$81.7M follower assets

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$81.7m follower assets
Twitter’s Theoretical Transformation
Do you think Elon can actually transform Twitter into what we all hope and dream it can become?
Building segmented revenue sources is inherently difficult for platforms in general, and even more-so for primarily social platforms. There just aren’t many viable options available outside of marketplaces, advertisements, and subscriptions… all of which depend largely on active, engaged audiences.
While I think transforming Twitter to an open-source place of free speech is good for the community (and humanity), I can’t see how it directly translates to a solid, financially-backed investment.
Elon knows engineering and physics, not psychology and humans. But… he also knows how to do the impossible.
Time will tell. Thoughts appreciated!
It’s hard to think that Twitter wouldn’t benefit from any changes not withstanding fresh management blood. The company outgrew this already legacy board in such disruptive era…
Hail to the people
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