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Twitter’s Theoretical Transformation
Do you think Elon can actually transform Twitter into what we all hope and dream it can become?
Building segmented revenue sources is inherently difficult for platforms in general, and even more-so for primarily social platforms. There just aren’t many viable options available outside of marketplaces, advertisements, and subscriptions… all of which depend largely on active, engaged audiences.
While I think transforming Twitter to an open-source place of free speech is good for the community (and humanity), I can’t see how it directly translates to a solid, financially-backed investment.
Elon knows engineering and physics, not psychology and humans. But… he also knows how to do the impossible.
Time will tell. Thoughts appreciated!
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It’s hard to think that Twitter wouldn’t benefit from any changes not withstanding fresh management blood. The company outgrew this already legacy board in such disruptive era…
Hail to the people
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@dominitrade Well said Dominick. I am of the same impression
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It's super fun to talk about what Twitter should do, but it is way harder to put in the work to transform the direction of an entire platform.

Twitter can do well from here with a focused Parag Agrawal at the helm and a talented engineer base who are unblocked. The stuff they can come up with in regards to NFTs could unlock revenue streams that could make the company exciting to invest in again. But that'd be a long term play and require both a lot of vision and willingness to grind it out. Elon's shenanigans are probably short term and will pass.
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@nathanworden I share similar thoughts. It almost feels like Elon is seeing if Twitter will call his bluff, as I don’t think he is really all that interested in owning it. He sure has shaken things up a bit, though. I wonder what Tesla thinks of all this?
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@honestinvesting My guess is many Tesla shareholders are uneasy, because Elon would have to sell Tesla shares in order to pay $43 billion to buy Twitter 🥲
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@nathanworden That’s precisely what I was thinking 😅
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Because he wants to focus on the society part vs financial one is probably the reason he is pushing it private.
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@rihardjarc Both seem to be pretty big tasks for a man with so much on his plate already. Is he still as hands-on as he once was with Tesla? He must be back down to only working 90hrs a week
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IDK much but would love to know @from100kto1m and @investmenttalk 's thoughts on it
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@investor_from_nepal I think Elon is just playing around, maybe trying to play activist. Would be shocked if they accepted the offer, and not sure if Elon is all that serious, despite his wording.

I think most people underestimate how hard it is to moderate a platform the size of Twitter. Same goes for the critics of Facebook.

I dont think Elon can do it alone, and I think Twitter employees will sour if he owns the business, so he'd need their support.
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@investmenttalk Certainly. Whether it’s Elon behind the helm or not, it’ll take more than a couple tweaks to get the company investable again, especially at their current valuation — transforming a $50B company is no walk in the park.
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Honestly I’m just such an Elon fan that I support almost all of his ventures. I can’t get with the Tesla robots. That’s just a step tooooooooo far in the direction of Skynet. Lol
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Musk uses twitter as a tool , doesn't he have a twitter sitter? to watch over his tweets? that is just silly in my opinion, he should be able to say what he wants and the community around him is in charge of how they perceive what people say. I don't believe in taking someones opinion away, even if it's a stupid opinion.
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I think it’s a hard balance. Free speech is necessary to a democracy, but a private company is not a country. A lack of moderation would mean losing major amounts of advertisers who do not want to risk losing customers over having their ads next to/appearing with very bad things that aren’t censored in the sake of “free speech”. I’d call back to YouTube’s adpocalypse in this regard.

It also doesn’t help that Elon’s offer seems semi unserious. $5”4.20” per share. Doesn’t even factor in the financing, it’d either have to be collateralized against Tesla stock or he would have to sell a massive position