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This went well
A story in four pictures:

1) June 11th, 2020: Investors were worried that Covid would impact Avis' revenues.
Hertz filed for bankruptcy, and it seemed like Avis ( $CAR ) wasn't in a great place either.
Headlines at the time:

2) June 26th, 2020: Commonstock user Marco @marcopolomarco buys Avis at $20.73:

3) April 2nd, 2022: Two years later Marco is up +1,159% on his $CAR position:

4) ...And is #11 on the Global Leaderboard on Commonstock for the 1 month time-frame:

Some people dismiss the short term leaderboards as being too short-term oriented.

But being on the 1 month global leaderboard doesn't necessarily mean you made a risky bet in the last month that happened to pay off— more often it means you have been holding a high conviction position for quite some time that only recently has really started to shine.

I for one would love to hear more from @marcopolomarco about what he was thinking in June of 2020, and why he's been able to hold on for so long as Avis has done so well.

Hope it's ok that I singled you out Marco!

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