Car/Scooter rental companies are going to thrive this summer
As gas prices remain high, $UBER and $LYFT struggle to find drivers. Because of this, they're jacking up the price of rideshare rides.

Car rental companies like $HTZ and $CAR are going to see immense demand as tourists will have to rent a car to go from Point A to Point B. And for tourists who are in the city, while parking will be difficult to get, at least there are electric scooters that people can rent out. $BRDS is one company that's greatly positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for electric scooters.

If no one is willing to give people a ride, then people will have to drive themselves to their destinations. That's the theme for the upcoming summer travel season.
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Tiger Cubs Had a Q1 to Forget
Tiger Cubs, or students of Julian Robertson, faced a challenging Q1 as high growth tech names took a beating. Chase Coleman's Tiger Global incurred a 33.7% loss. His largest position, $JD, declined by 15% during the quarter. Meanwhile, the fund's third largest position, $SE, took a 46% fall.

In a letter to shareholders obtained by Bloomberg, Tiger Global stated that:

“In hindsight, we should have sold more shares across our portfolio in 2021 than we did.”

However, not all Tiger Cubs faced a similar fate. The resource-focused Impala Asset Management managed a 27.5% return with its Resource Fund and an 11% return with its Flagship Fund. Here are the fund's largest positions as of Q4:

On top of that, Karthik Sarma's SRS Investment Management closed out a 9.6% return, which was accelerated with $CAR as the fund's largest position. The car rental company returned 30% during Q1 and makes up a massive 61.39% of SRS's holdings

The deadline for Q1 13F filings to be submitted to the SEC is May 16th, so it will be interesting to see how/if these funds adjust their positions.
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This went well
A story in four pictures:

1) June 11th, 2020: Investors were worried that Covid would impact Avis' revenues.
Hertz filed for bankruptcy, and it seemed like Avis ( $CAR ) wasn't in a great place either.
Headlines at the time:

2) June 26th, 2020: Commonstock user Marco @marcopolomarco buys Avis at $20.73:

3) April 2nd, 2022: Two years later Marco is up +1,159% on his $CAR position:

4) ...And is #11 on the Global Leaderboard on Commonstock for the 1 month time-frame:

Some people dismiss the short term leaderboards as being too short-term oriented.

But being on the 1 month global leaderboard doesn't necessarily mean you made a risky bet in the last month that happened to pay off— more often it means you have been holding a high conviction position for quite some time that only recently has really started to shine.

I for one would love to hear more from @marcopolomarco about what he was thinking in June of 2020, and why he's been able to hold on for so long as Avis has done so well.

Hope it's ok that I singled you out Marco!

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Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Feb 14th - 18th)
Hey guys! Here's the upcoming earnings calendar! Three of my holdings report next week.

  • $ABNB - The stock has held up pretty well during the market sell-off. The valuation is still high, but with re-openings the company could see a big boost this year.
  • $TTD - They've said Apple IDFA is a non-issue, so their growth should be great. A key indicator of ad spend.
  • $ROKU - The stock is down almost 64% from ATH, but the fundamentals keep improving. I expect great results from the company, with ARPU growing and margins expanding.

If you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.





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Trading plan for this week: caution mode, lower position size, but keep an eye on:
$LCID - EV play, very good price action
$GDYN - nice consolidation while waiting the EMA21 to catch up
$CAR - possible ignition, but it fears of the new version of Covid?!
$U - good support at EMA21, a reversal is possible
$SI - Crypto stock, volatility is expected
$SITE - constructive consolidation
$EXFY - nice formation, but riskier since it is an IPO
$ITIC - constructive consolidation
$PUBM - good R/R
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Here is my trading plan for this week:

$AMBA - I like the support at EMA21

$ASAN - the stock tried a few times to break the resistance

$CAR - low volume during consolation at EMA10

$ATEN - risky, but with good reward

$SI - wide range bar from EMA21

$ALGM - VCP, higher lows

$ATH - consolidation above the EMA21

$PLBY - it may jump higher, stop loss 5-6%

$PUBM - very good consolidation after the gap-up
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