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There are CBOE listed options on BTCL/2x long bitcoin and BTCZ/2x short bitcoin. Any thoughts on strategies?

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Inflation surprises to the downside in June
  • Headline CPI: 3.0% YoY (-0.1% MoM), below 3.1% expected
  • Core CPI: 3.3% YoY (+0.1% MoM), below 3.4% expected

Key points:
  • Goods prices continue deflationary trend: -1.8% YoY
  • Services inflation cooling: +5.1% YoY, lowest since Apr 2022
  • Supercore inflation: 3-month annualized rate at 1.2%, down from 2.4%

Market reaction:
  • 10-year Treasury yield 10 bps to 4.187%
  • S&P 500 and NASDAQ slightly down in early trading
  • Small caps 3.0% on increased rate cut expectations

The Fed is definitely getting the confidence it needs on inflation data to creep toward rate cuts. $TLT $SPY $QQQ

MTS Insights on Notion
US CPI: June 2024 | MTS Insights
The latest US CPI data for June 2024 shows inflation continuing to moderate, with both headline and core measures surprising by coming in below expectations. The headline CPI fell -0.1% MoM and rose 3.0% YoY, down from 3.3% YoY in May and below the expected 3.1% YoY. Core CPI, which excludes volatile food and energy prices, increased 0.1% MoM and 3.3% YoY, also below expectations of 3.4% YoY and down from 3.4% YoY in May. This marks the lowest annual headline inflation rate since June 2023 and the lowest core inflation rate since April 2021.

3 Best Semiconductor Stocks to Buy for 2024
To me, great research is defined by what you say when times are tough…not when the gettin’ is good.
Let’s rewind the tape back to October when the Big Money Index (BMI) alerted an incredible setup.
Not only did we pound the table that a breath-taking rally was coming, we have the equity performance to back it up.

Here are the 3 best semiconductor stocks for 2024.

In rare moments, the market offers investors an opportunity for the ages. Deeply oversold periods continue to preface crowd-stunning rallies.

Circling back to the literal COVID lows on March 19th, 2020 – our Big Money Index reached the green zone and we had no choice but to send the marines.

Then in late October of last year a similar setup emerged. The BMI fell to unprecedented levels that only meant the bear-killer signal was finally here.

Today we’re going to fill in the powerful study we sent back in early November, that said, the time is NOW to buy.

And more importantly, we are going to dive into 3 semiconductor stocks that institutional investors were scrambling to buy in the market depths…proving yet again that professionals get ahead of the biggest market moves.

At MAPsignals, we love finding outlier stocks. Those are the ones that tower over all others seemingly year after year.
Even more fun is uncovering them during a washed-out market environment. October 2023 was exactly that instance.
On October 25th, our Big Money Index dropped below 19, an ultra-rare oversold reading:

Now, it’s important to remind you of the prevailing positioning of the crowd. Most investors had thrown in the towel. Doom-loopers were all over the mainstream media.

But we took the other side of that bet. We saw an undefeated signal firing.

When we looked back through our data, we learned that every time the BMI fell below 19 (since 2016), the market was never lower.

Below is an updated screen shot of that study, with what happened next circled in green:

During this post we made the following statement:

2 bear-killer signals are here.
This is when MAPsignals data-driven process shines.
New leading stocks are set to emerge…don’t be a sad bear and miss what’s coming.
By the time the media is shaking the bullish pompoms, the BMI will be well off the lows. The stock chase will be well underway.
We’re staring at one of the best setups seen in years. ◉
And it was indeed one of the best setups in years. We were able to easily spot the 3 best semiconductor stocks for 2024.

Working on Wall Street taught me life lessons I’ll never forget.

First, focus on companies with the best forward earnings growth. Second, make sure they have institutional sponsorship.

Marrying these 2 ingredients ignites inflection points. This is the hallmark differentiator of our equity research.

Every single week, we list our Top 20 ranked stocks getting scooped by institutions. When your process looks at thousands of equities, and zeros in on 20, we’re left with outliers…the tails.

The top performing stock in the S&P 500 this year is Super Micro Computer ($SMCI) gaining 216% YTD.

On January 16th, we showcased this server and storage stock due to the massive accelerating earnings picture. Net income surged from $285MM in 2022 to $640MM in 2023.

Estimates now peg 2025’s net income at a staggering $2.16B. When profits are exploding you can bet that the best on Wall Street will be participating…and they were!

Here you can see Super Micro Computer making our rare Top 20 list in January and beyond. We specifically called this name out the first instance circled below:

If you think this is impressive, it only gets better from here.

The 2nd best performing stock in the S&P 500 is NVIDIA ($NVDA) with a mind-numbing 172% jolt in 2024. When it comes to ultra-fast chips, NVIDIA stands alone.

The same process that highlighted $SMCI is how we lasered in on NVIDIA.

Institutional investors aren’t going to miss the biggest earnings story. With NVIDIA’s net income ballooning from $4.3B in 2023 to $29.7B in 2024, the stock was easily on the radar of the Big Money.

With net income expectations sitting at $86B for 2026…it’s no wonder this name remains heavily under accumulation.

The circle below shows when we specifically called out NVIDIA as a top buy in January:

Now let’s keep going. $SMCI and $NVDA may seem like household names to you by now. The media has covered them extensively after the record-breaking rally.

MAPsignals is all about finding stocks BEFORE the crowd is aware.

The number 3 best semiconductor stock for 2024 is under-the-radar Israeli firm Camtek ($CAMT).
The inspection & metrology equipment firm has the outlier ingredients we look for: massive institutional buying alongside accelerating earnings.

In 2023, Camtek’s net income stood at a healthy $78.6MM. With estimates pegging profits to climb to $137.4MM in 2026…it’s no secret that Big Money players swooped in well ahead of the inflection point.

Here we can see the same stairway to heaven setup we saw with $SMCI and $NVDA. We specifically called out this name to subscribers in October (circled). As they like to say, the rest is history:

And before you think we’re cherry-picking, from October – May we showcase 2 stocks every single week on this report. Hypothetically held through yesterday, those 70 discrete names have an average gain of 27.05%…had you just bought the S&P 500 in similar fashion the gains stood at 17.03%.

The popular narrative on Wall Street right now is that stock picking is dead.

We know that isn’t true…and we believe there’s so much more to go.

There are a lot of under-the-radar stocks making monster moves.

You just need a MAP to spot them!

Here’s the bottom line: Sometimes you need to look backwards to see the future. While most research shops were doom in gloom last October, we saw one of the best stock opportunities in years.

Semiconductors were heavily bought coming out of the bear market and $SMCI, $NVDA, and $CAMT showed some of the best earnings growth pictures around.

Fast forward today, and it’s no surprise why those names were on the buy list of the Big Money.

We not only see semiconductors thriving in 2024 and beyond, but once rates fall later this year, the bonanza will only keep going.

If you want to beat the market and be equipped with outlier stocks NOT on the lip of the media, follow the institutional footprints with MAPsignals!

If you’re a serious investor, professional, or Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), now’s a wonderful time to become a MAP PRO subscriber.

News-Flow will only tell you what happened yesterday.

Money-Flow will tell you what’s coming tomorrow!

LASTLY, join us live at the MoneyShow Masters Symposium in Las Vegas as we dive into our 2024 Election Year Playbook.

Have a great week!
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Bodner, Jason
Bodner, Jason
<font>Jason Bodner is an accomplished investor and stock researcher reaching tens of thousands of people each week. He is co-founder of, a quantitative equity research firm focusing on unusual institutional trading. Mr. Bodner contributes to Navellier & Associates weekly writing <i>Sector Spotlight</i> and several white papers. He is also the editor of <i>Quantum Edge </i>for TradeSmith. Previously, Mr. Bodner served as director of european equity derivatives for Cantor Fitzgerald Europe in London, then moved to the role of head of equity derivatives North America for the same company in New York. He also served as S.V.P. equity derivatives for Jefferies, LLC.<br></font>

$NKLA Stock NIKOLA Stock Split and BULLISH RUN? Why it Happened?! Fundamental and Technical Analysis 👇👔
NKLA Stock NIKOLA Stock Split and BULLISH RUN? Why it Happened?! Fundamental and Technical Analysis
NKLA Stock NIKOLA Stock Split and BULLISH RUN? Why it Happened?! Fundamental and Technical Analysis💚 Follow us on X:🧡 HT on ...

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Promino Nutritional Sciences, Inc. reaches new Milestone (CSE: MUSL) (OTC: MUSLF) (FRANKFURT: 93X)
Promino Nutritional Sciences, Inc. reaches new Milestone (CSE: MUSL) (OTC: MUSLF) (FRANKFURT: 93X)
#promino #nutritional #sciences #news #stocks #athletes July 9, 2024Promino Nutritional Sciences, Inc (CSE: MUSL) (OTC: MUSLF) (FRANKFURT: 93X) ( the "Compan...

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Ultimate 2024 Election Year Playbook
Election season is finally here.
Let the mudslinging begin!
Here’s your ultimate 2024 election year playbook.

Let’s face it, after June’s presidential debate, nerves are running high heading into November.
That’s perfectly normal.

Presidential candidates tend to highlight society’s biggest problems and their campaigns reinforce those negative narratives in the media.

It’s no wonder investors get spooked and move to the sidelines.
But don’t make that mistake.

Today we’re going to set the record straight by not only reviewing history…but, also providing a time-tested tactical strategy to help you profit heading into the vote and beyond.

Don’t get scared, get prepared!

Investors tend to over extrapolate how much politicians will impact what matters most to stocks – earnings and interest rates.

A recent Capital Group study found investors overwhelmingly favor cash over stocks in election years. Since 1993, they’ve invested 4X more in money markets than in equity funds and ETFs in election years.

Political jitters have cost investors bigtime.

Check out stock market performance in each year of the four-year presidential cycle.

Since 1928, the third year of a president’s term has been by far the best for stocks with the S&P 500 up an impressive 18% (chart).

The election year comes in second at a healthy 10.7% and the first year of a president’s term is third, up a solid 8%.

Only the second year – the midterm election year – has been consistently weak, eking out a measly 0.6% average advance:

The data is clear. Cashing out of stocks over electoral uncertainty has been a losing investment strategy.

But it could be even more dangerous in 2024.

Since 1979, election years see the S&P 500 average a 2nd half performance of 4.03%. However, when the 1st half is up at least 7% (like 2024’s 14.48% rip), the expected gain doubles to 8.65%:

Up to this point, the evidence points to holding stocks.

Now, if you’re feeling unsettled given a potential switch in the Democratic nominee or a surprise GOP win…we don’t blame you.

That said, it likely doesn’t matter who’s first to 270 electoral votes.

Everyone has their own political preferences. Many strongly support either Democrats or Republicans.

However, when it comes to investing, stocks seem to like both parties. The S&P 500 has done well under both Republican and Democratic presidents (chart).

There isn’t a strong correlation between equity performance and which party controls the White House:

Staying the course isn’t a bad idea.

But there’s more work to do.

We know there are a few different political scenarios that can play out regarding the House and the Senate.

Don’t worry, our ultimate 2024 election playbook has you covered!

The clearest trend when analyzing markets under various political scenarios is that equities do best when Congress is split with different parties controlling the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Since 1933, stocks have risen 13.6% under Democrats with a split Congress and a 13.7% under Republicans (chart).


Probably because investors don’t like uncertainty. Shared political power forces incrementalism, making big policy and legislative surprises less likely.

2023 and the first half of 2024 are cases in point. Stocks have soared with the GOP running the house while Democrats control the senate:

Other performance trends that jump out are a mixed bag with one favoring Republicans and the other Democrats.

When one party controls everything – the White House and Congress – Republicans have overseen much stronger stock markets than Democrats, averaging 12.9% gains vs. only 9% for Democrats.

But when the President has been a Democrat and Republicans have controlled both houses of Congress, stocks have averaged 13% gains, far outpacing the 4.9% returns under Republican Presidents with Democratic controlled congresses.

Here’s the bottom line: stocks have done best when the same party doesn’t control the House of Representatives and the Senate, regardless of which party resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

OK so how can you profit from all of this great election intel?

There are 2 big tactical takeaways:

#1: Resist the urge to sell stocks because of the election.

Markets average big gains in election years, especially when the year starts off as strong as 2024.

They also average solid gains in the first year of new Presidential terms. And history says if Congress stays divided the 2025 outlook is even more bullish.

#2: Buy into any pre-election selling.

History shows many investors just can’t resist dumping stocks ahead of elections.

The S&P 500 Index was born in 1926. In all Presidential election years since 1928, the S&P 500 has averaged losses of 0.5% and 0.3% in September and October, respectively (chart).

Here’s the good news. The S&P has rebounded sharply after elections, averaging gains of 1.2% and 1.5% respectively in November and December of all Presidential election years since 1928.

That’s why we say: don’t focus on the outcome of the election, but what happens before.
It’s a safe bet that any pre-election selling will give way to big buying once electoral uncertainty passes.

And this playbook played out perfectly last go round, when we beat the drum on the election trade of 2020.

We showed then how institutions routinely sell stocks before the vote then quickly scoop them up once the winner is decided.

The setup is looking similar today with the Big Money Index (BMI) flirting with lows, with 4 months to go.

Buy the pre-election dip.

Ride the post-election rip.

Let’s wrap up.

Here’s the Bottom Line: We know it’s easy to get spooked by endless pre-election noise.

Presidential candidates tend to highlight society’s biggest problems and their campaigns use social media to hammer home negative narratives.

But investors need to understand that over the long term, earnings growth is what matters.

Stocks average solid gains in election years and in the first year of new Presidential terms. And history says if Congress stays divided, the 2025 outlook can get even more painful for the bears.

Plan for the crowd to dump stocks months before November. Over the past nearly hundred years, the S&P falls .5% in September and .3% in October.

That’ll create a great buying opportunity for the smart money (that’s you). That selloff will ricochet higher through year-end, averaging gains of 1.2% and 1.5% respectively in November and December.

So, tune out election noise and buy into any pre-vote volatility, you’ll be glad you did!

If you want to find specific large-, mid-, and small-cap names ramping with Big Money support, get started with a MAPsignals PRO subscription. It’ll get you access to our portal that updates every morning, showcasing the exact tickers being bought and their scores.

Our prized Top 20 list is full of cyclical market beaters. This is the report that found every winner in our research.

There are plenty of quality names to get long as volatility ramps into the election. Use an election MAP for navigation.

Invest well,

-Alec Young
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Products - MAPsignals
Whether you’re a part-time investor or an experienced pro, we cover all the bases by offering a variety of products to suit your investing style, whatever it may be. No matter which advisory you read, you’ll still get the same matchless data and analysis that MAPsignals proprietary platform provides. So check out our product descriptions... Read more »

Fundamental Factors to Choose Custom Packaging Boxes for Makeup Items
Many people depend on various tactics to achieve their goals. However, there are some unique choices, such as custom packaging boxes. You may draw attention to your company in the market using these distinctive packaging solutions. You can market your goods effectively. Above all, the perception of your brand in the marketplace is formed.

There are several ways to solve your difficulties. But what if there was a single answer to your problems and actions? Yes, unique Custom Printed Boxes make it feasible. Custom Packaging Boxes can address all of your issues. One packaging box might break down the sales barrier for your product. Additionally, it can make you a free brand ambassador. It may be customized to meet your needs and help you accomplish your goals.

You may read the information below to learn more about the Custom Printed Packaging Boxes option. The following tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of using custom packaging boxes to benefit your company and its marketing. So, let's talk about custom packaging boxes for your makeup products if you're seeking a one-stop shop to solve your issues.

Why Use Custom Packaging Boxes?

Several forums have discussed how custom packaging is the best on the market. But it is also very controversial. But if you think about how these packaging boxes affect buyers, you'll see that they can't be beaten when it comes to surprising them. Also, they might be the best people to carry your goods. Custom Makeup Packaging Boxes products are kept safe in boxes that are made just for them. Because of this, they work better than the other options for makeup. Suppose you can choose between two things. Which one do you like better, the one in the pretty or plain bag? The one whose packaging looks the best.

In the same way, it would be helpful to find out how your clients see your brand growing. Second, imagine you're a lipstick seller. It must be packaged in visually pleasing and durable materials to guarantee that it is safe and undamaged and to draw customers in with its polished appearance. For this, you may get specially made wholesale printed boxes made for you. They enable you to advertise the name and logo of your business.

Presentation Matters

You'll notice that the most brilliant folks are those who are wearing cosmetics when you look around. They stand out from other people in terms of their personality. Their personalities have an aesthetic component. You would notice that they view beautiful things differently. Therefore, providing them with an extraordinary chance rather than limited options is preferable.

For instance, you may wow them with a unique packaging box. But giving customers plain shipping boxes would leave them feeling disappointed. It's essential to comprehend your product's target market in this part. It may enable you to market your goods more effectively. Therefore, using wholesale custom printed boxes gives you a top-notch opportunity to leave a lasting aesthetic impact on your clients.

Unlike later product qualities, a product may draw a customer on its own if packaged attractively. Most multinational businesses invest time and money in the perfect packaging of their products. In addition, it is fundamental to human nature to be drawn to lovely things. Consequently, dealing with such a specific nature could be a good marketing strategy. Custom Packaging Boxes may play a part in the success of your business by luring customers in with eye-catching packaging.

Eco-friendly Boxes for Packaging

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Kraft and cardboard are both environmentally beneficial materials. These items do not harm the environment. Furthermore, there is no disputing their potency. Custom packaging boxes have thus become the best option for packaging your high-end goods. These boxes are the ideal combination of solid and recyclable materials. The most helpful material for making Custom Shipping Boxes is cardboard.


To guarantee the security of the product your customers choose, your cosmetic business needs distinctive packaging. Your product speaks for itself when the packaging is attractive. This packaging guarantees the product's usage and safety. It needs to be flawless and undamaged. You may use this strategy by using custom packaging.

These custom packaging boxes can be a protective barrier for the goods you place inside them. Skin is commonly sensitive to Custom Cosmetic Boxes.

They require defence against various elements, including heat, light, etc. Custom boxes fit the product's requirements. They protect them from all foreseeable threats. A lipstick kept in a custom box lasts longer than one that doesn't.
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