Consumer Staples win in a world of Bitcoin
$BTC.X is a deflationary currency. With limited supply, people are going to be more careful about what they spend their Bitcoin (or in smaller terms, sats) on.

Having that in mind, people will still need food, shelter, and other basic items for survival. At the same time, people will be less willing to spend on discretionary items because it'll make them miss out on the higher purchasing power that they'll experience in the future.

"Why use my Bitcoin to buy a Porsche 911 today when I'll be able to buy a yacht with the same amount of money in the future?"

Thoughts like these will become more common as Bitcoin starts gaining mass appeal. The mass consumerism that we have today will grind to a halt. Landfills will be receiving less waste as people will have fewer things to throw away. While Bitcoin is bad for the environment in terms of the amount of energy used to process one transaction, it is good in terms of providing a better store of value while also having the potential to halt the bad habits that lead to environmental destruction.

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