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Renewable infrastructure companies $BEP $PIF.TO $ENLT
Does Anybody have any good Renewable Energy Infrastructure companies they’ve been looking at recently? Before you roll your eyes. Most of these projects have a 8-13% ROI with a 20-30 year life span. With battery technology being incorporated in new projects, it will help boost that even further by allowing operators to dump power into the grid at high demand times. I’ve been looking at Brookfield Renewables $BEP also small companies like Polaris renewables $PIF.TO I want to buy a small company with high growth aspirations. And non dividend, I want that dividend cash flow to be put back into infrastructure development on new projects. $ENLT Enlight Energy is by far my favourite (No position yet) Just wanted to see if anyone had other recommendations in this area given the large tailwind power generation is going to provide for years to younger companies!

D-Local not reporting Q4???
Just came to my attention that D-local hasn’t reported earnings for Q4 yet. They have no filings as to why, no reported date of Q4 earnings release. This would be the first earnings since the muddy waters short report. Is there maybe a reason as to why? $DLO

Maybe they’re just reporting later this year than they did last year. Last year was their first fiscal year report as a public company so it’s not like they’ve been reporting mid-March for a decade and suddenly breaking a norm. If I were a shareholder, I wouldn’t bat an eye.
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$SIVB 8K Exposure
Companies are starting to file 8K’s for Silicon Valley Bank exposure. Here’s the link where you can sift through them. Some aren’t material such as Un drawn credit lines. Others have up to 26% of their cash in the bank. | EDGAR Full Text Search

Roku with less than 5% of cash there but that’s still $150 million. Not exactly a nothingburger.

Edit: I meant Roblox. Roku has (had?) 26% of their cash in SVB. $487M of their $1.9B.
Silicon Valley Bank $SIVB
I’m not as interested in the company itself, But in the contagion within the private equity side of things. SVB has reportedly sold more than 21 Billion worth of securities as it tries to drum um liquidity for withdrawals. I heard they have over 50% of Startup loans on their balance sheet? Not sure how accurate that is. Seeing as how they have startup deposits, loans, and equity in startups does this not sound like it could be an issue? I myself have some private holdings, the past year I have been in tune with “cash burn”. SVB just stated that the issue they have is with deposits in the bank. Cash burn is out of control, and now companies are worried and pulling money from the bank. The other wrinkle is alot of the holdings they have haven’t been written down to the proper valuation yet….. So we have A) less deposits B) more withdrawals from solvent companies C) investments that are illiquid not being wrote down properly. Does anyone have any knowledge on how this would settle out in a bankruptcy filing?? If (hypothetically) SVB files for chapter 11, Can private companies go after them for deposits in the bank? Even though SVB is a shareholder? Also at what valuation does SVB’s holdings value at? Does a third party bank in that case need to open the private companies books and come to a conclusion? Hope it doesn’t happen but man it could get ugly

I’ve heard similar things, that they have more than half of start up loans. Maybe even deposits?
Kellogg Company
Digging into Kellogg company $K Starting to look interesting at a 22Bill market cap with an upcoming split. Snacking co, and North American cereal co. FY 23 guide for 1.3 bill cash flow minus .3 for split charges. Roughly 22 times cash flow for 2 companies. International Segments look good cereal a bit slower growth, Europe cereal 2%, Europe snacks 11% yoy, Latam cereal 6% growth yoy, snacks 22%. AMEA cereal 7%, snacks 26%, noodles and other 30%!! Not sure what the split will look like but say Snack co is 15 bill market cap, At an average of say 20% growth in snack co with a 750 mill cash flow what’s that worth? I’m guessing cereal co is more steady FCF generating so a 5 bill market cap with 500 mill Cash flow. Just wondering if anyone else has looked in to this?
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Never spent much time on it, but might have a flight through today after seeing this! Thanks.
$PLTR Dilution/Bull case
I want to know everyone’s opinion on how they think about $PLTR and their Dilution. I love the business model when it comes to software for commercial and Governments and incorporation of Data to drive better decision making that can save customers $ or time, or in the case of government and military can save lives. The dilution just kills me. This Q4 2022 they issued on a diluted basis 130 million in stock vs Q3 2022. They now have 2,203,733 mill shares outstanding. When they came public (after IPO) they sat at 905,462,010 mill(That’s Q3 2020) If my math is correct that’s 143% dilution in a little over 2 years!!!! Q4 2022 they achieved GAAP profitability. When I look at the cash flow statement just on operations I back out SBC and it put the company at NEGATIVE 341.061 Million for the quarter. I see so many people that love this company and I guess as a investor my question is, What in your mind is the trade off when it comes to this dilution vs the Bull case? Do you see meaning full buybacks in the future? Or a massively diluted potentially profitable company that pays dividends??
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@arny_trezzi has a great Substack that could answer most of your questions.

But as of now, for me it's a trade off between getting diluted now (which isn't great) and seeing accelerated growth for years to come (which currently isn't the case either).

I won't lie, it's a tough spot for most investors right now if you aren't looking 5 years out with Palantir.
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