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Jonathan Garcia
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Just a small time investor with big time goals.
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$HPQ shows up on Greenblatt’s magic formula website. They spinned off $HPE several years back.

Now, they seem to focus on providing the best experience in personal computing. Also involved in 3D printing. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some interesting tech come from them.

I just found out they own Hyper X, which makes gaming peripherals. Not unlike $CRSR.

Didn’t Buffett buy $HPQ not too long ago.


Taking profits on a few positions
I sold some $TTD a few days ago for 30% less gain. Now, I’m doing more selling. Just trying to rebalance my port.

That delta gain is beautiful. Very nice quarter from them. The best airline in my eyes
YTD 39.66%
Been a while since I shared my port. It’s hitting its ATH. We’ll see what happens next.
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nice diversification with consolidation into the top performers!
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I try to think about my portfolio in terms of the strategy I had in mind at the beginning of the year. On 1/3/22, I had large positions in Cathie Wood stocks like $TDOC, $COIN, and $TWLO. We all know what happened to Cathie’s stocks. They have been the worst performers. COIN being the worst, down 70%. I still hold them, however. I haven’t completely lost faith.

Earlier in the year, I stated that I wanted to build heavier positions in MSFT, GOOG, and META because I did not think they would be affected as much by the economic downturn. I did indeed build up heavier positions in $MSFT, $GOOG, and $META as can be seen on the chart. META would be in a higher position but is down significantly on the year. I do believe that META is attractively priced right now.

Another thing I mentioned earlier in the year is how I was heavy in ecommerce and fintech. My ecom and fintech holdings are down significantly. I haven’t sold, still holding on. I am slowly accumulating. $ETSY and $UPST are some of my favorites for these areas. Also, like $RVLV.

I did add what I consider to be safer positions to my portfolio in an effort to preserve value. These types of additions included $UPS, $UNH, and $CNC. I am either up a little or down a little on these. They’ve done the job I’ve asked of them.

Back in January, I also said I would slowly keep buying Chinese stocks. Interestingly, these are my best performers for the year. $FUTU up 38%. $VIPS up 19%. $PDD up 27%.

A few weeks ago or so, I did some panic trading. It was hard to think clearly with all the down days. I was in and out of a few stocks over a period of a few days. I’m at a better place mentally now. I’m going to stick to my convictions. Will my strategy work? I don’t know, but I’m enjoying the process of learning and growing as an investor. Green days inspire hope. Red days are instructive and build discipline.
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Ordered some toothbrushes from $AMZN. They got delivered to the wrong address. I called customer service. The robot on the phone understood everything I said, and I quickly received a replacement. A few weeks later was shopping for shoes on the app. Some of the shoes had an AR button. I could see the shoes on my feet with the camera. $AMZN continues to delight the customer. It’s #3 in my port. Maybe add more. 🤔

Do you think there’s been a drop-off in product quality in the last year or two? And if so, are you concerned?

Half of my searches start at $TGT or specific retailers because I don’t have the patience to sift through Chinese knock offs or drop shippers.
Cool chart from @wiijiiapp. I don’t know how I feel about $ADBE. Seems pricey to me. Is really worth that premium?
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I think this chart is wrong? $ADBE has grown revenue at over 22% every year since 2016 save for 2020 COVID when it grew by 15%. @wiijiiapp What am I missing? How far back does this chart cover? Anything more than 5 years feels like a chart crime, especially if it isn't labeled.
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