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Why try to time the market, when the Time is Now (TIN)
Good research and Dollar Cost Average!
$BOWL cost free revenue.
I still like $BOWL … it’s a despac but it’s one that went below the $10 thresh mark and is now back above it hovering around $12

They are putting a fun twist on bowling, they are implementing the PBA, and in the future plan to allow you to gamble on your own rounds vs bowlero.
The bowling business model is almost cost free, yet very profitable!
I slimmed my holdings, but none the less, I’m still holding
$GENI Holding 1k Shares
I did my research
I have my theory
I know the risk

What do you all think about Genius Sports??
post media
Never heard of it before actually, might have to give it a look. Whats the thesis here?

How do you feel about the 80% dump from IPO?
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Why is $GGPI is so overlooked?!
Tesla's are getting unaffordable... Rivian, Lucid, and $NIO can't produce/manufacture enough vehicles... All while $GGPI has vehicles ready to purchase and recently signed a MASSIVE deal with Hertz!
Is this the next best EV Stock?!