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Kenny Groom
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Tracking Dividend Performance
Anyone know of any good apps for aggregating portfolio dividend performance? Im with fidelity currently and I’m unaware of any features that allow this.

Increasing Precious Metal Exposure
I’ve been buying silver for a few months now. Considering investing in more precious metals or invest in something like $GSP. Thoughts on either approach?

Not sure about $GSP since it’s construction is quite complex, would need to sit down and take a look. For silver/precious metals though, always valuable to have different asset classes within a diversified portfolio, power of things like separately managed accounts and glide path strategies
Does time of year change your strategy?
Came across some analysis by Yardeni Research here in regards to monthly returns historically for the S&P 500. March and April look to historically be high return months relatively. Curious to know if others have a set schedule for trading strategies based off time of year. I’ve really been playing the long game myself buying on dips so looking for other perspectives.
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