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Finance student and passionate growth investor!
Earnings projections still incredibly ambitious.
Will 2022 revenue really be 40% higher than in 2019?🤔
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Is demand fading? 🚩for stocks!

This shows that the future earnings and margins will be lower than expected, which means that P/E ratios show a too optimistic picture! I’m still bearish on the biggest stocks and indices.
Will your stock survive high inflation?
Personally, even though my growth stocks have a higher “failure risk”, I think basically all of my holdings will have no big issues from the current inflation!

W**h**y ** i**s ** t**h**a**t**?**
All my stocks must have a very strong balance sheet, a long enough cash run rate, high net retention rate, high margins and many other strengths to pass my checklist!

Mostly, I invest in tech stocks. They have pricing power because of their market structure ($U gaming engine duopoly with Unreal engine for example) and barriers to entry.
These businesses are flexible and have great margins.

Compare that to a manufacturer and you’ll see the differences.
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Picture credits: Aswath Damodaran “Company exposure to Inflation’s effects”.
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Current state of SP500🤔
Why I’m not bullish on $SPY right now?
1) Markets tend to overcorrect (maybe reaching the mean P/E ratio won’t be enough).

2) There’s a realistic case where the earnings of businesses will be lower. This means the current P/E ratios show a overly positive image! (Maybe why mister Burry is shorting $AAPL now).
This^ right now. I don't want it to go lower, but we have only "corrected" so far... next comes the "over correction." It can get a lot worse.
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$DOCS Results are okay! ✅
The share buyback programme isn’t much. Mostly a token gesture.
$DOCS –LinkedIn for healthcare?🩺💉
Doximity is a high-growth company that created a platform for U.S. medical professionals (80% of all physicians across the US use this!). I see the platform as LinkedIn with tools specifically made for physicians built into the platform (video tools, telehealth applications).

Mission: To help physicians be more productive and provide better care for their patients

What I like:
  • Net revenue retention rate of 171%
  • Low sales and marketing costs – most physicians join because of network effects
Recurring revenue is a majority of complete revenue
  • Revenue growth (67% YoY)
  • High margins (57% GAAP net margin YoY) – understated
  • Extremely high net income and free cash flow growth.

  • 2 out of 3 co-founders are still involved, one being the CEO.
  • Very high glassdoor ratings. (4.8/5).
  • High insider ownership (27%)

What I don’t like:
  • Competition: LinkedIn, Teladoc and basically any other telehealth business
  • VERY high valuation. (EV/Sales NTM: 15.9, P/GP: 26.4x)

Overall a very strong business, but the stock is pricey! I’ll be looking for an entry at more attractive levels. What do you think?🧐

I’ll be doing more short pitches on stocks like $MELI , $PATH , $U , $NVDA , $DDOG soon, so follow me for more! 😁
Next week $RBLX and $U earnings coming up. More positive on Unity, but both will probably tank anyways. I’ll continue buying 😋
$DDOG earnings.
Great earnings, great guidance! But, the stock is down??!

The market only looks at multiples right now and is bringing the price straight down, just like all other growth stocks.

I’m bullish but staying patient. Let’s see how low this beauty can go.
This shows you how important sector risk is in investing. Great stocks get pulled down for no reason. However, for us it just means a big discount
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Not feeling good about upcoming $MELI earnings. E-commerce is taking hits And the current economic situation in south america is worse than in the US… Lets see what will happen!
Upcoming earnings. The stocks I’m watching.
$NVDA , $DDOG , $MELI & $SQ will be reporting earnings very soon. I am hoping for poor earnings so I can get a decent position in all of these stocks. All very high quality!