Starbucks China
From the Investor Day press release - "Even as Starbucks second largest market, China’s coffee market is still in its early stages, and Starbucks is evolving its growth framework in the market to capture its full growth potential. Through the flywheel of continued store expansion, growth in omni-channel, ongoing digitization efforts, increased customer and partner engagement, and the extension of coffee craft and innovation leadership, Starbucks will drive meaningful growth in China, as sales are expected to nearly double over the next three years, while store count is expected to grow by 50%, reaching 9,000 stores."

From ~3,000 stores at the beginning of FY18 to ~9,000 stores by YE FY25e

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I loved investor day. I loved the new ceo and how he was there and that he had some things to say. Company is in good hands I truly feel
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Luckin Coffee has entered the chat 😈
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Great potential for $SBUX's growth in China. Looking forward to seeing this play out in the next 3 years.

Would be great to understand the signs/research that point to the fact China's coffee market is still in its early stages.
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Damn $SBUX living the golden age in China right now.
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@rihardjarc huge opportunity there. Did you happen to listen to investor day? Or have any idea on the new ceo? Seems like a really smart guy and seems like a catch to run Starbucks at the point where we are now
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@christian7621 No not really following $SBUX that much, not really my cup of coffee ;) (PS: I actually don't drink coffee :D)
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@rihardjarc I’m not gonna lie I don’t drink coffee either but you wanna know who does billions of other people so money has to be made lol. I do go to Starbucks for iced drinks and teas though. But yeah I think they are run exceptionally well