Abbott $ABT is a dividend aristocrat in the healthcare space. When they chose to spin off Abbvie $ABBV in 2013, the investment community considered the company a dividend aristocrat.

VF Corp $VFC spun off its denim business Kontoor Brands $KTB in 2019, I rarely hear people talk about the business like it was also a dividend aristocrat when it went public. Because of the dividend cuts during the pandemic, I can understand why any talk about the business being a dividend aristocrat was short-lived.

Overall, I do think that Kontoor Brands is a business worth paying attention to in the apparel space. $LEVI is a major denim brand and Kontoor Brands could see a similar level of success as Levi Strauss Co.
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Always love looking at these Joel Greenblatt-style "unloved businesses" left behind after spinoffs. Forced selling in a lot of cases creates incredible buying opportunities.
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So $KTB's two consumer brands are Wrangler and Lee. Looks like a lot of opportunity for international growth with a global footprint of 60+ countries but 78% of sales generated in the US

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@tomato it's great that majority of revenues are made in the US. Less risk from international markets. Also, I read somewhere that Wrangler is one of the popular jean brands among young consumers.
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@dissectmarkets I'm not sure how popular jeans are among young consumers. Anecdotally speaking, I don't see much jeans in southern CA or New York. "joggers" (sweatpants) are much more popular.
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@tomato jeans are popular in the Bay Area, especially in schools.