$META rolls out various new monetization tools for creators on Instagram & Facebook. They are even holding off on some revenue sharing until 2024 🤯
It looks like management realized they absolutely need to win over creators & influencers to defeat TikTok and other platforms.
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I personally think it will take government intervention to make people abandon Tik Tok.

Many creators use Tik Tok to edit their videos.

Many reels are just reposts from Tik Tok.

$META faces a problem with Instagram being anchored in peoples mind as a photo sharing app.
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@redhead Yeah, as far as I understand it, the joke is that what you see on Reels is what people on TikTok saw two weeks ago 😬
Also, my impression is that there are far fewer creators on Reels than on TikTok. That's why I think $META pushes this new monetization initiative.
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@caridinacapital I think, as a young person who grew up with Instagram, $META can’t decide the interface for the end user.

When I open my Instagram, it is cluttered with accounts I don’t follow and often topics I have no interest in. It seems to be a popular problem for many people.

Seems like they are stuck between “pushing all video content on you” & “Instagram is a place for younger people to share photos”
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This is interesting! Will dig into this!
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i think better monetization is the key to win the creator. I have the feeling that most creator can build a huge followership on TikTok, but for monetization they often go to instagram and try to convert their followership