Buying the DIP or will it dip even more ?
Hi Guys, Is this an opportunity to buy the DIP or a recession is near by ? what do you think !
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I'm using the downturn to buy as much quality as I can and I hope it keeps going lower
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@investmenttalk yes, this is perfect. Thank you for the link it will certainly fit well into my collection.
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I think patience is a virtue here, no use trying to be a hero.
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I am exuding lots of patience in this market environment. Personally, I think we see $SPY under $339 by end of year.
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im always of the theory of buying companies that you believe in on the way down. id rather buy on the way down than the way up tbh
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Patience pays
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Nobody knows; buying small tranches continously can be the best way to average down and end up with a fair price. Keeping your cash hoping to deploy at the lowest point is unreal and undoable
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it can always go lower, but i continue to slowly DCA into my favorites
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I would think so, but lay off being overly aggressive.
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If you buy the dip you risk being out of money soon, prices can go lower and stay irrational but nobody knows. I would follow a pre-determined strategy to avoid acting on emotions if I where you and I would avoid trying to predict what the stock market or the economy will do