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$BKNG Q2 headlines
  • Revenue $4.3B, ⬆️ 99% and 116% on constant currency basis

  • Gross bookings $34.5B, ⬆️ 57% and ⬆️ 73% on constant currency basis

  • 246M room nights booked, ⬆️ 56%

  • Adjusted EBITDA $1.1B, (25.3% Adjusted EBITDA margin)
  • Diluted EPS $21,07 Vs ($4.08) last year
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Was really waiting for this post. Will you share a detailed analysis?
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@slt_research also hoping to see one in my inbox soon 🙏🏼
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@slt_research sure. We will release it in the next couple of days.
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@stockopine Thanks, looking forward!
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What's the revised DCF model looking like now?
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@conorvalue we will update our valuation once we finalise the detailed earnings review. Would you like to see that part in the memo as well?
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@stockopine It's my favorite part!