Had an order that filled. I want to own more. Happy to pay ~$4 a share.
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I believe they sell high precision test and measurement products. They're based in Portland (I'm from Oregon originally). Randomly, they also own and operates Ample Hills Creamery, a beloved ice cream manufacturer in Brooklyn, NY. "@investingchef" must be in it for the ice cream 😄🍦👨‍🍳

But actually @odysseus, I'd also love to hear @investingchef's thesis here :)
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@investingchefOctober 18
@nathanworden @odysseus

Nathan is right, I’m here for the ice cream!!!
What is compelling at this price is the real estate they have for sale (worth ~5 million/3 to be very safe) + the $4 mil in cash on the balance sheet gives you the operating businesses for a very low price. Ample hills has a cult following which appeals to me as an investor. I’m a huge fan and have done extensive dd on the product and brand.
The company is now run by an ex navy seal who went to Columbia biz school of value investing and has proven capable of turning the company around since taking the helm. A lot more that excites me but I’ll also say there’s tons of risk involved with something like this. It’s very illiquid and their industrial biz aren’t great, plus the ice cream biz can be very competitive. I think the risk/reward is there but it’s not for everyone :)
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@odysseusOctober 18
@investingchef history is littered with companies that stumbled on something that wasn’t their primary business but was so popular it became what they are known for.

What I’d like to see is something from the company that sets out its direction into a couple of product lines, not a scatter gun approach.

I’ve not really considered the food and service areas for my portfolio, I’m more into the small / mid cap stocks involved in the EV revolution.

I’ll add it to my watch list and see what happens over the next couple of months.
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@odysseusOctober 17
What do they do? And why do you think it’s a good buy at that price?



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