Network effects are a very defensive competitive advantage. Was easy for Facebook to copy Snapchat's features but its another thing to change behavior of millions of consumers

Some of the strongest network effects in tech
Even Uber

What are some other companies with very strong network effects that provide a defensible, competive advantage?
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$TSLA! As more Teslas hit the road all Tesla drivers benefit as the company collects driving data that's used to refine the cars' features and skills. Plus the addition of superchargers which make charging more accessible and available.
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@tomato Tesla owners also can't shut up about just how much they love their cars! never have I ever seen this with any other car brand.
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@tomato interesting one
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An obvious but important one is $AAPL . One example feature that Apple invests in is the App Store. Since there is a large market population there is more value for app developers to invest and concentrate on IOS apps. A greater number of developers mean statistically better made apps and more variety, which increases the value of owning an IOS device to be able to use these apps.
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FB network effects so strong it shows up twice!
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@fatbaby exactly...maybe better expressed as fb, insta, whatsapp
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$AMZN with their logistics network
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@hedgevision $CPNG has a superior logistics network. Amazon tried to replicate it for many years but struggled to do so.
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@hedgevision plus merchants on their platform
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$KSPI with their SuperApp in Kazakhstan, comparable to WeChat. You can do nearly everything with their App. Their network effect allows them to expand in every vertical and become a market leader in short time
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@from100kto1m i think so, problem has been their inability to grow it beyond a couple 100 million
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is FB mentioned two times by intention? :D