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Update on my Portfolio
Focusing on these 8 names for the next couple of months and I truly mean that. I know I’ve been doing some research on other names and I’ll continue to do that but these 8 stocks are what I own and what I plan to continue to invest myself in. I feel like it’s a great mix between growth and value: LCID, NVIDIA, SPOTIFY, SHOPIFY, ABNB, CVS, SBUX, DIS. Again just an update for you all nothing crazy. Any feedback or comments of course I’m open but you can’t change my mind lol
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no one should change your mind, it your money and you do what you want with it. Keep on Keeping on @christian7621! !!
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@frankieciv608 100 percent your right. Been following these names since day 1 and I know both the bull and bear cases for each one of them. Conviction pays and time is on my side
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Looking interesting a bit more growth then value but nothing wrong if you can hold for a long time. Also long $SPOT and $CVS
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@from100kto1m yeah definitely a bit more growth than value. I got plenty of time im holding for years all these names. Im young only 22 but adding every change I get.
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Thanks for the update! It's always interesting to see what people are doing. Are you adding evenly across these 8 or are there some you're allocating more to? I own $SHOP and $SBUX.
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@tomato close to evenly across the board here. Very confident in all 8 names probably a little heavier in the growth names but still love SBUX, CVS and DIS very much
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Thanks for the update, Christian. I too hold positions in $SHOP $ABNB and $SBUX. Would be great to have your investment thesis for $DIS as it's currently on my watchlist
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@joeyhirendernath I can go on and on about Disney lol. Parkings coming back, Disney plus growing, content that are putting out, bob chapek, love it all