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What is a real optimist?
I think the following description of an optimist by Morgan House is inscredibly valuable:

Optimists are not fools, they just acknowledge that there are ebbs and flows along the way but focus on the long term trend. Betting against long-term optimism is betting against humanity.
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Morgan is such a pleasant POV with how he shares his ideas, philosophies, & mindsets. His Psychology of Money book (which seems like it has been read by the majority of finance people across social media) is a book that I gift friends often
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@jensen Investing is psychology in its majority imho. Finding quality companies is actually not that hard if you look for them but holding them through thick and thin is pretty hard
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Well said. Thanks for sharing! People tend to adapt and evolve, technology tends to advance and economies tend to grow. There would be ups and downs along the way but it is what it is.
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@stockopine Agreed! Betting against human ingenuity and the progress of humankind is a bold bet!
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His book really changed the way I viewed money
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@joeyhirendernath I know why! It’s a great book!
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I really appreciate Morgan’s perspective on things. Thanks for the reminder and for sharing!
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@scorebdinvestor No problem!
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Love the part about learning. To be honest what is scary about AI is also the fact that you now have "self-learning" algos, so I wonder what that brings us...