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When company provides with confidence that they can achieve EPS numbers for the next two years* 🚩

  • by any means necessary.
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What company said this?
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@christian7621 you not gonna like it. Although it’s over exaggerated it’s related to $CVS and their commitment to hit EPS for this year . When Karen Lynch said that they are committed to reaching their EPS numbers and if have to do so via buying back stock (at high prices) was yellow flag to me
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@from100kto1m probably said that because they do plan on doing another acquisition. This was said on that conference call? Idk about buying back at high prices lol ain’t nothing gonna be at high prices this year market going lower but I get the concern not something she should’ve said
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always unfortunate seeing a company try to guarantee hitting long term targets, especially when its a company that occupies a fairly large part of my portfolio.



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