Community Connection #2
Continuing my series of polls, here is the next installment:
What type of investing content do you come to social media for?
40%New Investment Ideas
20%Investing Strategies
20%Investing Psychology
20%Research and Deep Dives
20 VotesPoll ended on: 06/25/22
Joey Hirendernath's avatar
Would have said all of the above if that was an option but chose Research and Deep Dives :)
Joshua Simka's avatar
Torn between new ideas and research and deep dives. I went with research because too often new ideas consist of just a ticker or punchy one-line bull case. Of course the final determination is informed by our individual due diligence but I think the real value of a platform like Commonstock is that we get to see the research and thought behind the idea--done by folks who often have some kind of specialty or experience in that corner of the market.