Ordered some toothbrushes from $AMZN. They got delivered to the wrong address. I called customer service. The robot on the phone understood everything I said, and I quickly received a replacement. A few weeks later was shopping for shoes on the app. Some of the shoes had an AR button. I could see the shoes on my feet with the camera. $AMZN continues to delight the customer. It’s #3 in my port. Maybe add more. 🤔
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Do you think there’s been a drop-off in product quality in the last year or two? And if so, are you concerned?

Half of my searches start at $TGT or specific retailers because I don’t have the patience to sift through Chinese knock offs or drop shippers.
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@wjared that is a great question. I do think that product quality has suffered somewhat. However, I also see more well-known, quality brands beginning to sell on AMZN. In some cases, that are some good companies that primarily sell through Amazon. Products I would not have seen otherwise. They are also seems to be booming market for Amazon seller aggregators. Some investment firms buying up small companies that sell on Amazon. While I do think there is that quality drop, there are other positive things going on, imo.
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@toasty_trading good analysis. I think in the short term it’s good for Amazon - it’s a big driver of their growing ad revenue. I’ll be watching to see if the trend continues. Also AWS is still king.
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@wjared yeah the ad revenue is something I consider as well. And can’t forget about AWS.
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I think being able to try clothing on with AR will be the next thing e-commerce companies will have to have to stay competitive
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@moneyshark It will be interesting to watch the developments in AR and Ecom.
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I wonder why the report said they might run out of people to hire.. they won't need people.

The only problem this might cause is quality reduction.
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curious to see how $AMZN will solve the last mile of delivery without humans in the long term 🧐
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@mavix interesting indeed. I like to imagine a future where a drone drops off my packages.
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That’s pretty amazing!