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If I was retiring today, then this drop would suck.

But I'm not. I'm still in my wealth building phase.

So instead, stocks are on sale. Looking forward to my upcoming 401(k) contribution getting me shares of quality companies at reduced prices.
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^The best mindset to have
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Being reminded of March 2020. Looking back, those were fun times.
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Plowing as much money into the stock market as I could during that time will likely end up being one of the most important financial decisions of my life.
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Congrats— do you feel similarly now (to a lesser extent?)
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A far lesser extent, to be clear. In 2020, it felt like quality companies were indiscriminately being sold off in a big way for no good reason. Now? A lot of the drops are in companies that had run up huge and were arguably overvalued. I don't think we're going to see nearly the same rebound in terms of the intensity of it over a short period of time.
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If my positions continue to drop --> I'll tax harvest at lower prices -> pay less in taxes -> unlock more capital (I've saved up for taxes) -> Invest more capital.



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